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  1. PantheraUncia

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    A family member of mine has a friend with a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII that came with the factory OSRAM SYLVANIA HID Kit.

    Apparently this is one of those rare and non-existent replacement items (and headlights are required by law) (Smart move Ford :rofl:)

    Below is the link from Sylvania for the replacement bulbs even though they do not exist.

    Is anyone here that is familiar with the Mark VIII (If they worked on ford in a former life, before converting to GM) know where he might get after market replacement lamp assemblies and potentially go with a locally installed "modern" HID kit which would run about $200 installed.

    I already checked Cert-I-Fit and the Mark VIII is not a car they can get any parts for.

    Oh, he did start with the dealer after he could not find anything for that car, and the dealer said that any parts related to that HID system were discontinued a long time ago and if they could put their hands on that HID system, it would cost $1900 for the parts.


    Well the huge local ford dealer was able to offer some help. The there is a left and right side kit that will replace the hole setup and convert the original HID's to halogen for $495 per light with out the halogen bulbs.
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    I will send this to My friend at SYLVANIA and see what happens.....
  3. PantheraUncia

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    Hi Enkeiavalanche,

    I appreciate it. Considering a HID kit installed after market today costs $200, I can't see why this ssystem would cost so much, but it is 1997 technology. Apparently this kit is the lamp lens and everything but the bulb, sort of a one piece deal almost like a sealed lamp. I guess they were built really good, so they fail once in 15 years.

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