Hesitation and low power. I have done EVERYTHING!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by moogvo, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. moogvo

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    I finally found the answer! It has been over 6 months and well over a thousand in parts. Today I found the offending problem.

    So, after talking to a buddy about EGR problems, I decided to plug the vacuum off between the solenoid and EGR valve. I snipped the finger tip out of a rubber glove and slipped it over the vacuum nipple on the solenoid and then plugged the vacuum line on over the rubber glove tip, cutting off all flow between it and the EGR valve.

    I have noticed that over a couple of days driving, it seemed to be better bot not perfect. Today on the drive home from my buddy's house, I got a check engine light. It was the EGR code. I in blocked the airflow and it started jerking and running like crap under acceleration. I stopped again and re plugged it up and it ran fine again, even with the air conditioner on.

    I get faint hints of the power loss problem.l. But I forgot that I had the base timing set to 5(ish) degrees advanced. While driving, I got to thinking about how easily the EGR valve was to open and thought that maybe the exhaust pressure was pushing it open. I cut a piece of metal to put between the EGR and the intake to block it off. It runs great!

    The problem all along has been the EGR valve and the cheap auto zone replacements I used... Twice. Looking back, I remember that the first replacement made it run worse. The second one made it run like it did before I screwed with it, so I assumed that because nothing improved after the second replacement, that it must be something else... That's when I started throwing parts at it.

    I will be ordering a Delco EGR valve for it on Monday.

    Using Cheap, Chinese auto zone parts to save a buck ultimately cost me over a thousand dollars in unnecessary parts replacement.

    The moral of the story is to buy quality the first time. It may cost a bit more but it can save you a LOT of money and headaches in the long run. To put this into perspective... I could have saved enough money by using quality parts to buy a new set of tires and fix my air conditioning compressor.

    Buying Chinese made auto parts is about like buying AC Delco egg rolls.
  2. Crawdaddy

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    I'm so glad you finally figured out your issue. I was greatly worried that you were going to sell the truck... That would have been a sad day.
  3. moogvo

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    I had it listed on Craigslist. LOL! I was completely tired of messing with it. For more than 6 months I have been chasing this problem... No codes. Other mechanics drove it and accused it of being because the truck is 17 years old... I was ready to donate it to the fire department to practice extraction on...

    I am still pissed that I have a defroster problem and that i need to replace the AC compressor.
  4. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy All hail the Mad King!! Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Leave the FD extrication classes to the Fords....there's plenty of them available... :lol:

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