Hey guys glad to be a part of the forum. My O3 silverado 1500 has a slight problem.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by kepontruckin, Sep 19, 2011.

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    With colder weather upon us here in the nashville area I do look forward to a break from the 90 plus weather but my 03 seems to have a problem dealing w/ it. I was hoping one of you guys may have experienced this. As soon as the temp dips to 40 and colder when I start her up she wants to load up when idleing and as she's just about to croak she cleans up and jumps to a normal idle. Then load up back and forth. She'll do this even at a start and go. Soon as you get to the stop sign she'll load up again. and as you drive you can't help but feel she's holding back horse power. just never opens up seamingly. Its the 305 motor..sorry
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    It could be a stuck open thermostat. Or more likely the air idle bypass valve could be dirty causing it to stick. The sudden change in temperature may have caused these things to be more noticeable. I think some of the 2003 chevy /gmc trucks came with the idle bypass that year. Im not too sure cause I think thats the year when they changed to electronic throttle control and most trucks stated to not have the idle bypass valve on the throttle body. In either case if you have about 100,000 changing the dexcool is recommended so might as well change the thermostat. Also you might as well go ahead and clean the throttle body and the idle bypass if yours is equipped with it. Good luck and welcome to the club.
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