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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by FiFteenHunnid, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hello from Brighton, Tennessee. A small town about 30 minutes outside Memphis.

    I am familiar with forums and own a 2005 Colorado myself. My younger brother owns a 2000 1500.
    He just bought it a couple weeks ago for a steal. Brand new motor, body was decent enough. He got a good deal.

    Well.. all things come to an end.. Sooner than later this time. He went through a wood power pole.
    I gotta say, this truck is built like a tank though. Bumper is bent in, some minor hood damage, and roof damage where the pole laid down.

    It cranks and idles like it did before the accident. Nothing seems out of place. (except the suspension but I dont think its the frame)

    However, we are having issues.

    So you'll see me in the forum at least until we get some things resolved. Then Im passing the account to my brother.

    He's younger and I dont think he'll really appreciate the value of a community based around a common interest. So Im showing him how helpful a forum is when used correctly, instead of you guys getting posts like:
    "Truck cranks and dies whats wrong"
    Yeah I think its just better I start off with it.

    If you're interested you can check out the build thread on my Colorado, I'll have to post it later though.

    Thanks Guys
    And especially thanks for any and all future information we receive from Gurus and Newbs alike.

    Oh yeah, and I know everyone loves pictures. I dont have any pre-accident, but I'll be sure and post some later as well.

    - James -
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    Welcome Fifteen from Brighton. I live in Brighton PA. Small town too.

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