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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by sgtsjj, May 3, 2012.

  1. Coach24

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  2. sgtsjj

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    Hiiiiii sorry stuffs been busy again, working adopting a rescue German shorthair pointer! And hours finally kicked back in for me
  3. Sierraowner5.3

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    glad your back dude!

    good on you for adopting a dog. to many people buy them from puppy mills rather then adopting.

  4. sgtsjj

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    ok so i got a computer for the time being so im gonna try to be on more, more on the dog, its a german shorthair rescue site ive been talking to the foster mom of a 2ish year old short hair after the 15th i will have a meet and greet date set where i get to meet the dog and foster mom and they get to meet me my brother and his dog since we all live in the same house together. umm on the truck finally got the gap guards put on in the back to hide the gap from the body lift, while i was at a gas station some on intentionally doored the ext cab portion of the truck and took off, so since i have a dent there and on the box on the same side i have decided im not going to replace the box anytime soon.
  5. Coach24

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    Dang you need a surveillance camera on your truck. Why do people do these things? My dealership put a nice little dent in my truck just below the keyhole. Of course it was there when I brought it in, right? I now am looking for a different dealer that I can trust. Is that possible these days? Not certain it is but I trust until proven wrong.
  6. sgtsjj

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    of course it was there why wouldnt it be, oh and i am a "daddy" now, i brought home a 2 year old german shorthair pointer two sundays ago, hes been pretty good, lots of energy so hes been keeping me pretty busy
  7. stephan

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    Don't need to let me know Mikey, I've been skulking around here for a couple days answering a pm question & thought I'd come up front here where you big boys hang out & SPY on you guys... Mikeys a Moderator?? WTF is a Moderator ?? Oh yeah.... n-o-w I remember. Mods are the ones that ban ya for laughin at funny pics that people post... ha ha ha

    Saul; I didn't know you needed to lose weight. Last pic I have of you, you were fit & trim. Whaddda ya been doin Sarge eatin pizza & beer every meal? :rofl: :rofl:

    I'M OUT
  8. rileyjr16

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    GSP's are pretty dogs. Hope to have one myself one day. As for the truck....OUCH. Whats next a meteor hitting it? k.o.w.
  9. sgtsjj

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    ok y'all here's some pictures of my baby boy, Trace Stephan its good to see that you finally decided to hop on and say hi!!!! With the Ex girl friend i didnt really work out or anything physical, and we didnt really eat that well Riley i love him hes been really good and took to the coming to a new house really well, working on the listening and over all behavior of him he knows how to sit lay down and come he just doesnt like to listen all that well. as for a meteor i sure as heck hope that doesnt happen how would i explain that to the insurance company lol

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  10. Coach24

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    Ok I am officially jealous. Dang good looking friend you have there. Hope all is well and good to see you lighting up the threads again

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