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    Greetings from the great northwest. I'm obviously new to this forum, but have owned Chevy vans for quite a while. My first van from GM is a 1996 Express heavy half. It was purchased as a wheelchair transport/tow vehicle back when my wife was still able to enjoy traveling around. When traveling by pull-behind trailer was not so feasible I purchased a Winnebago on a 1-ton Chevy chassis and 6.2L diesel. It had a wheelchair lift already installed and fairly low miles for an '82. Unfortunately it sits unused since my last trip of any length; had a heart attack in North Dakota and never made it to our destination.
    I am a Civil Engineer by profession and have been caught up in layoffs at the local government level. A year since having a steady job and in the meantime I have revived a '85 G20 van with a C-code 6.2L diesel. I am still slowly working on some of the cosmetics on this window van. It sat unused for about 3 years, and I mostly use it now for a daily driver. Around town it gets 15 mpg which is half again better than the '96 Express. Out on the road it has returned about 20 mpg. I hope to keep it going a good long time as it has only 115k on this drive train. I hear these diesels are good for 300K.
    I'll post a couple of pictures if there is a gallery section.
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    Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes wacky site of GMTC!
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    Sorry to learn of your layoff, heatlh troubles, and the now-unused '82 Winnebago. However, welcome to the site! Hpoefully you find it informative and fun!
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    Welcome to GMTC!

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