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    Well I finally upgraded! I had been driving a tired, old 1992 C1500 for awhile. The transmission went out and I decided it was time to upgrade. So here I am now with a 2007.5 Silverado! And let me tell you, it is amazing the differences in my two trucks! I couldn't believe how much nice the new truck is. I feel like I'm driving a luxury vehicle. Anyway, I live in Ozark Missouri and attend college at the great Missouri State University (Go Bears!) I'm looking forward to learning about ways to improve these trucks from this forum and I look forward to reading tips from y'all!



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    :sign0016:To The Site......:glasses:....and Congrats on your New Ride!!......
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    Welcome to the site! A 15-year spread will definitely be a marked difference in trucks. Nice purchase!

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