Hi all newb here,have ? about 2000 gmc sierra fuel pump/tank

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    So a buddy of mine has above truck and said when he gives it gas nothing happens,another bud of his told him it was likely the ''fuel sock'' in fuel tank,so he asked me to take fuel pump out for him,I did and found an o=ring stuck to the bottom of the pump just under the edge of the sock,o-ring is about the size of a dime,it seems very out of place,also there was a small plastic piece(about the size and rough shape of an acorn?) in bottom of tank,it has a metal ball in it that moves freely,rattles if shaken,it looks to have a nipple of sorts on one end where it might have once been connected to a tube or small hose.
    Can anyone tell me what this piece and o=ring might be?and or where they came from?
    Oh if it matters when i 1st turned on the key,i did hear the fuel pump humm/growl? for a few seconds,i am not sure how it should have sounded ,but i thought it sounded a little odd/ill? so i did the same test on 2 other nearby vehicles and both sounded much different,quieter.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    hey all ,me again ,I forgot to mention ,does anyone know what the small ''ammo box''? shaped thing connected to the front side of the fuel tank is?and if it should have red liquid that looks like fresh trans fluid come out when tipped over?

    Thank you,

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