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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by FFLB, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. FFLB

    FFLB New Member

    Hi everyone! My username is FFLB, my initials. I couldn't use my nickname because there's another Rusty in this community. I'm the proud second owner of a 2005 Avalanche LT K2500 w/ 8.1L in a metalic dark gray with a hint of green. I love this truck. Prior to this, all past trucks have been Fords. I'm in Northeastern Maryland.
  2. mike c

    mike c New Member

    hello fflb my name is mike how do you like the avalanche my cousin is looking is thinking about buying one but a 1500
  3. Goldie

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  5. Bigbomber

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  7. retired2001

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  8. FFLB

    FFLB New Member

    Hi Mike. I love this truck, a little different - which fits my personality - and fully capable when I want to haul something either in the bed our off the hitch. I'm sure a 1500 will handle what most will need but I wanted to be able to safely haul my 24' car trailer loaded with all that I might need for a day at a HPD event. I just had a 10.000 lb. RoadMaster tow bar installed with an Invisi-Brake so I can pull it behind our RV and then have fun in the woods or the hills. It tows beautifully as well.
  9. Red Z71 Max

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  10. IdahoChevy91

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