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    Hello I'm trying to find out about a tailgate lock for my 2005 sierra crew cab... I just installed a tonneau cover and didn't realize the tailgate has no lock!! so now Im looking to find one maybe from another chevy or GMC truck.. any advise???

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    You might take a look at Pop & Lock's offerings: http://popandlock.net/

    They have both manual and power tailgate locks. I installed the PL8110 power tailgate lock and am pleased with it. However, it's worth noting that I had to cut (and smooth) a channel into the left side of the OEM tailgate latch's internal mechanism in order to allow the Pop & Lock PL8110's lock to fully articulate. The directions said nothing about this, but I noted a need to do it while testing the lock during installation. It took a whopping 20 extra minutes at install time to do this ... and was well woth it IMHO. I love the fact that when my doors are locked ... so is my tailgate -- no questions asked.
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