Hi, my name is Joe and I finally purchased a 1989 chevy suburban...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by 80 grit, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. 80 grit

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    ...after many years of dreaming about owning one. I always loved the body style of the late 80's and I finally had an opportunity to get one in very good conditon. Minor rust in a few of the rocker panels, rear quarters..otherwise solid truck. Started it's life in Daryl Hickman chevrolet-olds Siloam Springs, AR. Passenger rear glass is cracked and the regulator doesn not work, otherwise all electrical works fine. Ac works fine (front and rear). Motor runs fine. I have not taken possession of it yet so I can't post any pics. She has what I think is a 4" or 6" lift (rough country) Interior is in great shape. Needs a headliner. Needs paint. Plan to take it slow as I have been "downsizing" these past two years with the economy and all...but I would like to eventually replace all the rust/bondo areas with metal and paint it flat black with the bottom half sprayed in bedliner.

    I am a professional tattoo artist. I have been at the same shop for 12 years. I have a lovely wife and four great kids with one more on the way. I am into God (Jesus) and I have no shame shouting to the world what the Lord has done for me in my life! I look forward to being a member of this sight and I hope and pray I will receive guidance from the many members who I am conifdent know alot more about Suburbans than I do:happy: (This is my first 4x4).

    I should have the truck by next week and I will post up some pictures. Thanks!
  2. stephan

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    Hey 80 Grit, welcome to the GM truck club. I like the older body styles too, hence my choice of an '88. With a name like 80 Grit you must be a bodywork sanding wildman :)
  3. 80 grit

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    Although I have done my share of sanding on metal...I am not a body man. I received the nickname "80 Grit" from a buddy who was under my tattoo needles for 6 hours. By hour five he was whining like a baby saying, "man, put some soap on that wipe rag...it feels like your using 80 Grit on me..." From that day forward that was my new nickname:lol:

    Do you have any pics posted of your 88?
  4. stephan

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    ROFL that's funny. Rumor has it that your alternate nickname is Dr. Pain:rofl:
    I have pics in my camera, but don't have the means or the knowledge to put them in my pc yet. Pics require a 20 mile round trip to my buddys house where he scans them into his pc & then sends them to me in an email lol
  5. Vincennes02261897

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    Welcome to the club, Joe! I like that body style too. I suppose the simplicity catches my eye. I hope this forum serves as a great source for you while you fix her up.
  6. 80 grit

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    Such isolation/wilderness makes me jealous! That's the life...take it from me, I used to drive a box truck throughout the five borroughs of New York. I am currently displaced in this hell/swamp called Florida. Some day I will get to the wilderness (God's country!):yes:
  7. Bigbomber

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    Welcome to the site!
  8. mfleetwood

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    Welcome and congrats on your new ride!!!
  9. phoebeisis

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    You will love the Suburban-they are do anything vehicles that are relatively cheap easy to repair with excellent parts availability and good reliability for the essential stuff-drivetrain / AC.
    My 1998 is only my second GM(unless you count my dad's 1954 Chevy in 1954 which he cursed for reasons I don't remember).We had a 2001 Prizm-really a Corolla-which was a pretty good car.
    I didn't expect much for a 195,000 mile $2950 Suburban 3.5 years ago, but it has been a very reliable, versatile vehicle which can evacuate all out pets-2 dogs, 4,5 cats, 3 adults when the next hurricane comes(Nola suburb).
    You will find your Suburban very useful since you live in a very ,very hurricane prone state also and have 4+1 kids, wife you to get to high ground when the next one comes.You can sleep in it if it comes to it-while carrying an ice chest.
    You might look into getting a cheap hitch mounted basket for hurricane evacuations-ice chest etc to feed kids etc.It probably already has a receiver hitch on it- 90% of Suburbans have them-cheap to buy in any case..

    ps When you get it-we demand pictures!!
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  10. MPC-Silverado

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    Welcome to the club!

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