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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by grdyan, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. grdyan

    grdyan New Member

    Hi all! Good to be here! I'm a member on the Honda VTX motorcycle forum and have had AWESOME luck with tech questions there. Here goes. 2003 1500 ext. cab Z71. Great truck, but it's killin' me lately! Water pump gasket leak, intermittent failure of the keyless entry, and now the engine light is on! (and I need a brake job!) I'm almost broke and need (and want) to do this stuff myself. Scanned the computer and it tells me there is a large evap system leak. I checked the gas cap and it seems fine. Where else should I be looking before I spend the dough on diagnostics at the shop or the stealer? I truly appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Pete95Sierra

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    well the water pump gasket aint that bad you can get a new water pump from napa for cheap and its not that hard to put on... I would replace the gas cap just to be sure its not that expensive either, it may look fine but you never know
  3. Gmcsuvguy

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    It's pretty hard to test the evap system yourself, change yor gascap, look at all the evap lines for cracks or disconnected, other than that it is a dealer diagnosis. Good-luck!
  4. grdyan

    grdyan New Member

    Thanks folks! I'll give it a try and hope for the best.
  5. vaportrail

    vaportrail New Member

    I have a evap problem - replaced the cap - dealer -by vin#, evap sol. valve ...
    how did you make out w/ yours??
  6. collinsperformance

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    most of these things are easy and do it yourselfers....i make sure it is the gasket or the water pump there is a small hole and it water is comming out it it is the pump. this is a 20 min swap job and get a new serp belt and thermastate (i used a 160 degree and got 4 mpg increase) i replace the gas cap and rerun the test i bet the seal is bad on it. you might put some grease on the old cap seal and see if that makes it pass the test if so get a new cap or look at the evap system lines.
    brakes are easy i just did a writeup on the front end took 30 min to swap out the front pads and 45 min for the rear shoes, i think yours are disc so it is faster. then reply with your results and we will help or if fixed allow someone searching to see what worked....mike

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