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    Well I've been a Chevy truck fan for years. I've owned 3 of them. First one was an old beat to heck 1981, I got it when I got tired of driving FORDS! I had a1987 Ford Thunder bird and a 1991 Ford Tempo and an F-150. The Tempo I split the cost with my dad and he used it to go to work when I was in high school. It lasted about a year and the engine nuked! It was not worth fixing. Biggest waste of money ever! I used my motorcycle to go back and forth to work saved up 1500 bucks and bought a 1987 6 cylinder Thunder bird. Ran great for about 4 or 5 months then I had to fix something every other week. I kept the car in hopes of dropping a v8 in it and making a drag car out of it. So I purchased the Ford 1990 F-150 so I could get parts for the car and tow it when it was broken down. Well the F-150 turned into a money hole its self. I sold both the car and truck and bought my first Chevy, a 1981 Silverado my last year in High school. I drove it for 2 years and decided I needed a newer truck but did not need a truck of that size so I bought a 2000 Chevy S-10 in 2002. I used the s-10 as my run around and kept it nice. I did not really use it as a truck as I kept my old 81 and beat the heck out of it. It finally went to the grave yard in the end of 2009 and I bought my first New vehicle a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT single cab with the 4.8L V8 and a few other options. I tend to shy away from the fancy stuff with trucks I've always felt fancy stuff is for cars. No offence to those that like fancy trucks I like them to but they are just not for me. I got my new truck for 18k out the door. The S-10 is still around and still going strong with 220k I sold it to a girl who wound up becoming my girlfriend who now lives with me. Her kid just bought a 1996 Chevy Silverado 1500. I just wish Chevy would bring back a stick shift option. Anyway just wanted to say hello. I have a zillion questions, I am thinking about doing some modifications to my truck mostly minor bolt on stuff such as intake and exhaust.
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    Welcome aboard! X2 on the manual tranny. I have a 98 Burb K1500 LT and would love to have a stick. The automatic has been fine but I have had to rebuild it twice.
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    Welcome to the club! I agree that it would be cool if GM still had manual transmissions available in the trucks, but there seems to be an increasing number of people who can't drive them. It really is unfortunate.

    Anyway, good to have you here and I'm sure you'll find all the help you need with your questions and modifications.
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    Welcome to the Club!!!!
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    welcome to the club
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    Welcome to the club.
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    Welcome to the G M TC !

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