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  1. bacon89

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    Hey all I am new to the forum and from I have read this place is great! What drew me to this forum is I was looking for a good HID conversion kit for my truck. I have read the previous HID conversion and they all seem to point to http://www.vvme.com/12v-5055w-h8h11-hid-conversion-kit-p-88:0ffa0eeb4185b5e2b93cab0284d3bb99.html for low beams and http://www.vvme.com/12v-5055w-9005hb3-hid-conversion-kit-p-95.html?cPath=44_45_30 for the high beams. My question is what exactly do i need to buy to do a complete 5000w conversion for my Silverado? Do I need to buy both kits linked above or what.. I'm kinda at a loss.

    Here is the truck.. she turns 1 here on February 3rd :p
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    Thanks for all the help in advance.
  2. Als09Sierra

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    Welcome aboard bacon. I just installed my 55w HIDs (4300k), and I assume you're asking about the 5000k bulbs. If you want to keep your DRLs, you need the harness for your low beam kit, but don't need it for the high beams. Without the harness you'll get flickering unless you disable the DRLs by pulling the fuse. Otherwise your other options are the low profile ballast which makes it easier to mount, but I went with the standard. You also want two 15A fuses for the high beams, which are 10A from the factory.

    Here's a thread that discusses what you need and includes an excellent write up on the install.

  3. donyms

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    HID Kits

    Okay, to start with you have a nice truck so don't mess it up. You do not want to go with the cheap HID kits like the ones you supplied the link to. I see these all the time and they often have bulbs or Ballast burn out very soon after buying them. If you want to stay with the quality and piece of mind do what I did and go with the Phillips HID kits. That is the ones that most car manufactures use and for good reason. Yes you need two kits, one for the low beam and one for the high beams. If you don't want problems with the law I recommend no more than the 6000 k they are not legal but you can fly under the radar with them and they put off a nice blue tint. Personally I would go with the 5000 K They put off less of a blue tint but put out more usable light so you can see better at night. Again the 5000 K is what you see on the new cars that come from the factory with HIDs. The kits are very easy to install but you need to know that if they don't work when you first turn them on you will need to reverse the polarity as Chevy trucks normally are reverse polarity I'm not sure about the 2010 but I know my 2002 is. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask. Here is the link for the official Philips site Call them to order, I got mine for $100.00 less than they advertise by asking for a discount. Good luck. http://www.philipsxenon.com/chevrolet-c-360/chevrolet-xenon-lights-kit-by-philips-p-1245
  4. Als09Sierra

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    Why do you think vvme are cheap? I just installed them and love them. Take a look around this site and you'll find others who have also installed these and love them.
  5. donyms

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    Hi again, well first off I didn't mean to offend you I was simply trying to give you some input. I did not gain anything by writing this, just like to be of some help when I can. Just to explain myself. In anything you buy there is always the high quality version and then there is a cheaper version and yes most people go for the cheaper version that is there choice. You didn't go for a cheap truck so I assumed you would want the best for your lighting. Further more while people are generaly happy with the less expensive HIDs when they buy them they don't usually come back and post when they have problems with them. I hope your HIDs last you forever but I know several people who bought HID kits for $100.00 or less and they end up getting the better ones when they burn out prematurely or the ballast go out and so forth. HIDs should last as long as your vehicle and the ones I recommended are German made by a well known reputable company and they do last. Sorry if I upset you in trying to help. You have a very nice truck and I wish you the best.
  6. Black Rock Rider

    Black Rock Rider New Member

    I just installed 55W 5000k Low Beams from DDM Tuning ($61.00 with shipping) in about 1 hour on my 2003 Silverado yesterday. Easiest HID install I have done (much easier than my Audi). Helps when the whole headlight assembly comes out with just one pin. I do like the whiter light and that is why I went with the 5000 for mine.
  7. Als09Sierra

    Als09Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Understood. Just a note, if you feel that there's something about Sylvania that's better, you should simply state that. It's a reputable name. The vvme's as it turns out are made by Hella. One of the best things about this site is you get information you wouldn't have access to anywhere else. If I hadn't read Rotaryenginepete's post and his recommendation, I would've never known about vvme.
  8. bama2010z71

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    the brand i have are futurevision hid and they arent cheap but u get what you pay for and mine have a lifetime warranty. i have the 30000k blue in my highs and lows and they never flicker or anything. go to www.futurevisionhid.com
  9. 2k8z71

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    I ran DDM Tuning 55w 5000k for my lows. I just installed them today and so far I only had one problem with a light not igniting, but hasn't done it again. I will be doing the grounding over again because I just have them in a temp grounding point until I buy double sided tape so I can mount my ballasts where I want them to be. Zip ties only go so far haha. They have the color I want so I can't complain
  10. Rockstarrchevy81

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    The hid's i bought maybe over a onth ago or so are the Notto Se 10,000 Low beams they were $105 just for low's but i got them on sell for $89 with the discount from what i have seen they are a pretty well known Company for Hid's and am very pleased with them in my projectors. I got them from www.carid.com and i ended up mounting them down with the Long black Zip ties worked perfectly to hold in place!

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