HID/Halogen replacement - 2013 Silverado

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by bgbird, Jan 20, 2014.

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    What do I need to know?
    I want to improve the standard low beams (H11). These also double as daytime running lights. Has anyone replaced theirs with the HID replacements (with ballast) that I have seen advertised? If so, what do I have to know - since I have heard that the daytime runners use less wattage and that is a problem for the ballasts and the HIDs. I have also heard that should I get sylvania silver star (or comparable) their life is severely limited for the same reason...
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    I replaced both my low and high beams with HIDs and love them. The increased brightness is unbelievable, and I highly recommend them. I purchased them through vvme.com which use Hella ballasts and Sylvania bulbs. I just replaced the low beams after about 2 years with them installed. I am not electrically inclined, so as long as you can read directions and turn a wrench you should have no problems. I did get the harness so that I could use with the DRLs, but due to installing the passenger side below my air intake box, it didn't reach and I didn't use it. To get around the DRLs flickering, I took out the fuse which disables them. As far as I'm concerned, they would just burn out my bulbs sooner, and I can use my fog lights during the day if needed.

    There are some posts on here which I used when I got started. Do a little searching and you'll find some very helpful installation posts.
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    I would talk to some people in your area with HIDs in their vehicles and see how your local law enforcement deals with them or if they just leave them alone. In my area the sheriff is known to tow vehicles with HIDs because no hid kit is actually street legal and they can tow the vehicle saying that it is a safety issue for other drivers. I can go down by my parents home and the police don't bother people there. I would love to go hid in my truck, even if I used a white color temp rather than blue I am still concerned about being stopped. Some people never have any issues at all.

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