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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by davidlmc, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. davidlmc

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    I am wanting to upgrade my headlights soon and wanted to get some info on which direction to go. Should i do just HID's in stock headlights or get aftermarket halo type lights with HID's built in them. In doing some research not to sure about the aftermarket lights weather they come with ballasts or not.
  2. PantheraUncia

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    Technically speaking, in order to properly use HID's you need projector casings that are DOT approved, however not many people do that. The halo is just for looks and has nothing to do with having HID's. It just makes it look cool. :)
  3. ahmitchell1

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    I'm getting the spec d euro lights with the black housing since they are Oem style but black. Then I'm going to throw my hids in those then look into making a custom projector and filter for a proper hid kit
  4. 2k8z71

    2k8z71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    You can use HID lights in reflector style housings. Just ones that are designed for HIDs (example: older Escalades, 2nd gen Prius, Navigator and Aviator had HID's in reflector housings). I am currently "one of those' that run HID in factory housings but I am planning to swallow my pride and try my hand at HID Retrofit with the morimoto mini's. I just need to get a dremel and then will be ordering the spec-d ones that have the black housings and will be pulling those apart and modding away.
  5. Pikey

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    I know everyone debates this, but in many states aftermarket HID setups are illegal. A friend of mine just got pulled over in Michigan because the officer said his lights were too blue, bright, and distracting. He popped the hood did a quick inspection, and discovered the hid setup. They towed and impounded his vehicle as it is considered a safety issue for other drivers. I was thinking about doing hid conversion to my truck. Then when I did the research I discovered that for a properly designed projector housing for my truck would cost me more then $500, I decided against it. I travel through multiple states, a lot of times down rural roads, all I need is a bored deputy from some tiny community to impound my truck at 1 am with my wife and 2 kids riding along. I ended up putting piaa bulbs in denali projector assemblies. I was not really satisfied with the results so I installed a set of phillips HIR 9011 bulbs. They are WAY brighter than the stock bulbs (2300 lumen compared to 1100-1700 lumen) and still DOT approved. I actually still carry the stock 9005 bulbs in the truck along with the proper tool to adjust the aim of the lights, just in case an issue arises. Paranoid? Maybe, but I would rather be safe then sorry.
  6. 2k8z71

    2k8z71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I think everyone who has the blue lights should be arrested. mine are the 55w 5000k setup and are white with no blue to them except at warm up. Those blue colored lights have poor visibility and shouldn't even be allowed on the road at all in any state.
    Guess you could always go the route I plan on going, and make your own though. It would cost roughly $400 with the cost of buying the retrofit kit and if you decide to buy an extra set of housings so you have a spare just in case lol.
  7. PantheraUncia

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    The blue lights (6500k and higher, blue, purple, etc,) should be just as illegal as 2700k,3100k,and 3500k, halogens.

    Once you have a "white" light with a hint of blue, you will understand why. Let me explain this in a manner that makes a little more sense.

    Say you drive to work at sun rise, the light you are observing while driving will have a "yellow" tint to it (around 2700k). As the sun rises in the morning, the light becomes "bluer" to about 6500k.

    Now explain to me how hard it is for idiots to drive on roads at high noon on a perfectly clear day with no clouds, fog or haze? in "blue" light" (Makes absolute sense right?)

    Then at sunset, the light gets yellow again, back down to around 2700k before it gets completely pitch black outside.

    Having said that, and as I said earlier.... yes, anything above 6500k should be illegal, infact, the pink, purple and green HID bulbs should be illegal too. As well as tradtional "yellow" halogens.

    To take it a step further, these super bright "Blue" and I mean really blue LED's that are on the Whelen light bars that blind people when cops stop people should be banned as well right?

    The reason cops use those light bars are to be seen, well if you are looking at the cop that pulled someone over because their lights are too bright, then its pretty obvious that your eyes are not on the road in front of you, they are looking at the cop.

    Isn't that similar to texting while driving, You are not paying attention to the road in front of you. Oh wait, how did I end up in the ER, those stupid whelen light bars.......

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  8. 2k8z71

    2k8z71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Isn't 4300k the standard for HID's from the factory? Those, from my understanding are supposed to produce a white light... or whiter than the yellowish halogens. I may be wrong though. I have 5000k in my stock housings (I know its not good and I am an a$$ for doing that) and they are only blue upon startup but once they are warm, they are white. But I do plan on a retro soon... I hope lol
  9. Enkeiavalanche

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    The only other problem is Heat.. When I put the HID's in my fogs I was told that they melt. I used a 35 watts ballest. and my headlights are the SS ZXE's. On some of the Aftermarket lights they are all plastic and there are stickers on them saying that they MAY melt with HID's. I had projecter lights on my truck for a while and the output was NOT that great BUT the Coolness :glasses: Factor was nice....

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