HID Kit. High/Low Beam and Fog Lights.

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by Duncan_Z71, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Duncan_Z71

    Duncan_Z71 Rockstar

    Im wanting to put Hids in all my lights. on my truck.
    Im wonder does any one know how much it will run me.

    And can i get them in my driving lights?
  2. jt_5.7

    jt_5.7 Rockstar

    around like 140 dolors but it all just depends on what k the bulbs are
  3. Marcus

    Marcus Rockstar

    I got all of mine from vvme.com and it ran me about $220 bucks all together for my highs, lows and fogs. I have only had one burned out bulb but they replaced it under warranty.
  4. Stouffer

    Stouffer Rockstar 100 Posts

    vvme is goingn to have the best prices. Just be careful with their warranty. They sent me the wrong kit after asking them 3 or 4 times before I purchased it and wanted me to pay to ship it back.
  5. mkruluts

    mkruluts New Member

    I have HIDs in the lows and fogs... Trust me, if you get the ones I bought you will never use your highs again. I know an authorized dealer so it only cost me $200 for both sets and install. However, his shop charges close to $250 for one set and install. I bought the 2nd to clearest, and whitest HIDs offered (just a tiny hint of blue) so they get costly.

    I have a 2005 Silverado. I dont know how yours are mounted, but my fogs are only bolted from the top and I had to modify to hold the light from jumpng when vibrations from the road shot up. Also, make sure you get HIDs with there own stand alone ballasts, and DO NOT TOUCH THE BULBS. Real HID bulbs will virtually explode from the oil in your skin.

    Now for your DRLs... I got tired of seeing that crappy yellow too. So what I did was bought bulbs off of eBay. They are colored blue, but they shine white. So it looks pretty good, but the HIDs are much better.
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  6. Gremlyns Garage

    Gremlyns Garage New Member

    Kind of an old thread, but just trying to get my name out there... I carry a full line of 35w and 55w HID kits and either carry (or can get any bulb type within a day or two of your order), which soon includes the 5202 fog lights. All my kits come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty that I am fully equipped to help you out with should the need arise, so no need to mess with the manufacturer directly.
  7. zachb91

    zachb91 Rockstar

    just looked at this thread how much would hids run me fo my lows and fogs on a 2004 silverado 1500 thanks zach
  8. Gremlyns Garage

    Gremlyns Garage New Member

    Depends on a few options, mainly the wattage you choose. 35w kits are $90 shipped and 55w kits are $115 shipped (unless you need a 5202 bulb, which is $115 shipped for the 35w kit). All prices are on my site, as well as descriptions that will highlight the differences in the kits (mainly brightness of the light output).
  9. lsutoms

    lsutoms Rockstar 100 Posts

    hey man i just happened to run across this thread and noticed this. Are you still selling HID's? My buddy told me today he wants some for his 2012 F150. It has the Hi/Low bulb and also a set of fog lights. Not sure what bulb it is though. If you could message me and let me know how much and warranty details.
  10. tommystyle86

    tommystyle86 New Member

    If I was you guys I would go to ddmtuning.com they are a local company here in san diego that manufacture HID kits, with warranty. Not only are they the cheapest around but their selection is Huge, Ive used them on my acura, my brothers van, my moms cobra and other brothers truck, Ill be installing a couple kits myself on my truck as soon as I decide to start toying with it (just got it).

    Another thing for those of you that dont know what bulb you need. Go to sylvania.com and look at the auto section of the site and it will give you every bulb for every part of your vehicles

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