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  1. Hello,
    I recently purchased a set of dmmtuning.com's 35W and 55W HID kits for my Silverado. I have custom headlights that use the h1 bulb and not the stock bulb. On the diagram it shows all the parts I have and how to plug it in, real easy, but it also shows a wire that plugs onto the battery and I don’t have that wire.
    My question is:
    Do I Need it?

    Thanks for any information you guys got!
  2. ippielb

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    It's an optional "relay kit", your 55w should have it i believe. As it requires more juice then the stock harness puts out. My lights didn't come included with the relay kits, yours might not of either.
  3. Bawls...
    Well thanks for the info, im guessing i can purchase a set of relay wires from the same guys...
    should just set the damn thing on fire and be done with it... ride a bicycle around instead lol
  4. ippielb

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    Haha, nah, mine were a pain in the ass to get working right, i had to put plug the harness in backwards to get mine to work, the relay kit was optional in my case, and they should be optional in yours too. Could you get a picture of you kit? I can help.
  5. GMCGuy00

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    You only would need to plug the harness into the ballast backwards if the polarity is reversed which is possible. The HID kits i got from http://www.unlimitedhid.com has a ballast that is made so the harness can be plugged in either way. It's a simple plug and play set up. I don't use a relay and don't feel it's necessary.
  6. ehahah

    Ill post some pictures of my sets and the harness in my truck and if it works... booyah! If not ill figure something out. Thanks again for the info, pictures soon.

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