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    I have a 2007 GMC Sierra, as you can see below, and I am looking to buy some bulbs for my first mod. I have some leftover LED switchbacks from my charger that I really liked, the amber light is brilliant and it just looks BA. So, my question is....I am looking to buy TEMPORARY headlights until I can get my hands on a projection headlight system. So I was wondering if any of you heard of the brand "HiLite". It is a Xenon HID light but it's not the real deal...it's just a bulb.

    I have an HID system (ballasts and HID bulbs for hi/low beams) but it is for a Dodge Charger....and honestly I'd rather just buy a whole new system. Maybe a projection headlight kit. But these HID lights are pretty cheap and I'm skeptical on buying them for a temporary fix.

    The reason I'm buying a new light (a whiter light) is because the switchbacks I have shine a bright white when the headlights are on and well the headlights I have now (stock) have a yellow tint and I just need a bulb to match these...for a temporary situation. Any ideas??? The below is the bulbs I am looking at....


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