HID problems. Driver side won't work correctly

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by 305Chev1500, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Need Help. Im no Noob when it comes to HID's but for some reason after installation of the relay harness for the daytime lights and by turning off the entry/exit lights I am STILL having trouble with my driver's side only HID. Im running 55w ballast and 8000k bulbs. the fogs and passenger light up perfectly on command, but my driver flickers and then cuts out when i turn on the lights.

    any ideas, suggestions, experience, fixes PLEASE!

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    Make sure none of your connections are loose and since you said you have a wiring harness, make sure it is getting good contact at the battery and clean your terminals if necessary. Also, you could just have a bad ballast.
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    Doubled checked all the connections and contacts. Tried a ballast from my G35 and it worked ok. Bought a new one for the truck and same deal.

    just doesn't make logical sense.

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    Maybe a ECU reset would work? I know it helps on the imports with mods. Been a while since I had American (had a '94 GMC).

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    Try the ECU reset. Also try pulling the headlight fuse, waiting a min or 2 and putting the fuse back in place.
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    I have a friend who got a cheap kit off ebay.. had the same problem you're having.. ended up being a bad ballast, then a couple weeks later, the bulb went bad (and it was doing the same thing).. Check your connections, and make sure you have a good ground.. if it all looks good, try swapping ballasts (move the right to the left, left to the right) and see what happens.. could be a ballast or a bulb..
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    Are all the hid kits cheap ones from ebay? I have not found a kit out there that can trust yet. That vvma says there kits are from hella and phillips but that do not make after market kits.

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