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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by AKRide907, Nov 16, 2011.

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    So Ive been going down the list of things im going to do to my truck, in order of whats most feasible and possible for me at the moment, money wise. :p Im a bit broke. The next thing i wanted to do was get some different lights on my truck. I know that theres a bunch of different ways that you can go about it too. Theres the whole HID vs LED debate, and as far as i go im sold on HID's. My friends have them, they love them, they shine hella bright, they look nice, and they said it was an easy install compared to other things.

    So im looking to get an HID conversion kit for the my stock light housing. Im not sure whether i should get a kit for both my high and low beams or just lows. Alot of people that ive talked to say that they have issues getting the HID's to turn on when they have them as high's. If i did decide to go with both is there a way to set it up with either the brand or the wiring so that the warm-up time is minimal like it is with the halogen's? A good suggestion for brands for the HID conversion kits would be appreciated too.

    Another set up idea i had was just getting an HID conversion kit for my lows and then maybe getting some a few fog or even rally lights to put on my front end and wire those to flash on with my highs or just have a separate switch to turn them on whenever i choose. Brand suggestions for fog or rally lights would be nice too!

    My last question was concerning the light temperature. Whats legal/illegal? Best intensity/distance.

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    Before spending money on HIDs I suggest you check out this thread (http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php/52682-Diode-Conversion-for-All-Lights-On-High-Beams), as you can achieve amazingly bright results just by putting 65W 9005's in your fog lamps and having them come on when your low beams are on ... and also setting them up to come on when your high beams are on (so they effectively stay on anytime you have your lights on) ... and also setting up your low beams to remain on when your high beams are on. It's about 10 bucks in diodes and heat shrink material and can be done in under 20 mins. It's also legal everywhere that I am aware of.

    Now, if it's the ricer look of HIDs that you want, understand that legality varies from location to location. Aftermarket HIDs placed in stock lamps lack the beam focus and cut-off that characterize HIDS housed in proper HID projectors -- and such aftermarket HIDs placed in stock lamps may very well be illegal in some areas no matter the colour temperature you use. Key to this is the glare (to oncoming drivers) caused by placement of HIDs within stock lamps. It may be brighter. You may be able to see better. However, if you produce glare that blinds oncoming traffic, you may be illegal in your area and (whether legal or not in your area) you may also pose a safety hazard not just to oncoming drivers, but to yourself and others. (A driver blinded by your glare may hit you or others or simply wreck...)

    With that in mind I suggest you check the local laws in your area as to the legality of placing aftermarket HIDs into stock lamps. I also suggest you consider the potential safety risks. If you absolutely HAVE to have HIDs because the use of diodes with fogs and lows isn't enough light (which would be shocking, as it's raw daylight in front of me when I drive this way), then I urge you to look into a HID retrofit. Either do it yourself if you have the necessary fabrication talent or, if not, get it done professionally. It's not cheap but it resolves the glare issues associated with placing inexpensive HID kits into stock lamp assemblies. It's aftermarket HIDs done properly ... not half-arsed.

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    I have Hid's. If I could go back I would have definitely went with just lows, I ended up getting rid of my highs. The reason they have problem with the high's is that they got the cheap Hid's so you have to let them warm up. Just get the lows. http://ddmtuning.com/ sells a pretty good Hid conversion kit for $80. I have 12k bulbs and they are kinda bright. I haven't got in trouble with the law. I actually got a compliment from an officer at a gas station. I live in GA, but I am not quite sure what the law is in other states. I also adjusted them to ensure I don't blind oncoming traffic. I wouldn't go any higher than 12k though.
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    Hey man I got hid 10k for my low beams I bought them off my buddy cuz he sold his chevy and he got them from hid country. He they are a bit pricey but the warm up time is minimal and the 10k is brighter than my high and they are DOT approved also so I know they are legal in California which is where I live
  5. McMahan

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    I have DDM Tuning 8k highs and lows and 6K in my DRL's

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  7. ntbush83

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    I've never seen the hid placed in the running lights. Thats pretty sick. I bet that makes your lights look better at night to?

    I understand what surreal is saying about the hid's being really bright but I know a few guys that have them in trucks and I've never seen to big a issue with them after they adjusted them to the right height. I wouldn't call it a "ricer" look either. I think they look great myself whether in a lifted truck or a street car. Makes your vehicle look cleaner imo. Also I'd say hard to go wrong with the 10k but I like the 12k look to.
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    Thank you sir. It was a pain hooking up the DRL's but it paid off I think. I adjusted mine and never get flashed. I did the 4 high mod on mine so when people do flash me I kick all 4 lights on and they turn their brights back off lol. I have the 55w 8K in mine and haven't had any heat issues or warping and its been 3 years now. I took my stock head lights and bumper lights out and took the amber reflector out, just little small things.
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    i put in a few sets of hid on my trucks and friends car, i get mine from vvme.com, never had an issue with them and always answer back with emails quickly and proffesionally, and kits are around 40 bucks, they work great and are easy to install they are just plug and play... i wouldnt get so caught up in the "what the best brand stuff" all the kits are the same thing, same ballast same style of bulb, the only difference is the sticker they place on the ballast

    and as far as the legal or illegal, if you are placing the HID lights into headlights meant for halogen bulbs, they will be considered illegal, halogen meant headlight assemblies will not control the rays of light as they are projected outward, just creating a big brighter light will no real focus to the rays.
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    Anyone installed a complete HID kit, i.e., to include a HID headlight assembly? Cost?

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