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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by kuz6954, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. kuz6954

    kuz6954 New Member

    Im just looking around at HID conversion kits and wondering what is a good quality brand or if they are all generally the same. If seen kits ranging in price from $70 - $300 (Philips) and cant figure out whats the difference. Just wondering If anyone has the HID headlights and what brands they went with. Lights are goin in an 08 silverdo. Im looking for 6000k kit. thanks
  2. Custom04Chevy

    Custom04Chevy Rockstar 100 Posts

    I am also considering HIDs for my truck and have been for quite some time. As far as I can tell, HID is just a conversion that will fit in the stock housing? Is this true? I don't think it would look very good in my stock housing, so I would want to upgrade the headlights too, but I was just wondering. I have been looking around a lot and I would say some of the best prices are on stylintrucks.com.
  3. DIGS16

    DIGS16 Rockstar 100 Posts

    ive recently bought some HID light kit for my 04 silverado... i got them from vvme.com... it was like 50 dollars for the set... i just went in place of my stock headlight bulbs...u can go check out some pics i have up on my album section... if u want to see more i can take more let me know... to me personally all the brands are the same exact thing... my cousin put some halo hid light on his dodge charger and they have the same exact ballast and light bulb setup... the only thing is that his passanger side turns off after a few min, because he requires possibly a harnness for the lights...
    as far as from my experience with the vvme.com site i have totally happy with the hid kits i got... 8,000K as the one i have
  4. crug75hid

    crug75hid New Member

    I wanted a High Intensity Discharge kit for my 1995 CHEVROLET S-10 which is a very cool light and better visibility especially during night driving. I opted to go with the single beam HID kit too and love it, they are cheaper on ebay but I wanted a warranty so I got it here Sealed Beam Headlight Kits , or you can try one of the vendors. Also some of the forum sponsors usually have a sale going on. Either way its a great system, and very easy to install.:lol:
  5. kwconch021

    kwconch021 Rockstar

    i would say with my experience they are all pretty much the same..
    same concept as nike, reebok, aasics, and any other cross training shoe, they all do the same job, some are just more comfortable than others.

    on my previous 06 silvy i had a Xentech brand 10000k for my headlights and foglights. i noticed they kinda flickered- not so much a flicker but almost as if there were surges in power, constant surges in power that i would notice only when up against a wall or what not, but i only noticed when i was not moving.

    new headlights are not needed, when you purchase the kit a ballast, bulb, and essential plug and play wires come in the box.
    all you do is remove your current bulb from the housing, put in the HID bulb. connect the factory bulb wire harness to the supplied HID ballast- connect two male to two female plugs, and your set. make sure you have no power going thru anything or you may cause the bulbs to explode. dont touch the bulbs with your fingers, these are not your regular bulbs, there are gases in the bulbs that will counteract to your greasy potato chip fingers.

    im not sure about the brand i have now but i have 6000k and its a huge difference from the 10000k , much more visibilty. i have ordered my two sets from a guy on speed dial in california, i have also ordered my buddys set thru him as well. great guy, great service, great price. i spend no more than $100 for one set.. my personal opinion is stay away from the ebayers and try to find a pretty decnt legit looking website with good information. phone numbers emails, look for every conntact method and try to see how easy it is to get a hold of them,, all will determine the quality of product you receive.

    many people think they want the 10000k bc they "seem" brighter, but actually, the highest light output i wanna say is like 4300k, and this is why i chose 6000k. i pulled up next to a g35 with 10000k and you can immediately see a difference, my lights were brighter and i could actually see the specks in the road better with my lights than his. and it looks great with my white silvy!
  6. CS-10 86

    CS-10 86 Member

    The difference in price will affect the quality of the product, the longevity of the product, and the tolerances in relation to the product's specifications. Also in many instances the warranty and customer service can come into play.

    As a customer of their product, I recommend Turnagain High Lights www.turnagainhighlights.com As high quality their product may be, their customer service is phenomenal. I would receive an email to any of my questions in less than 24 hours. Even in the late hours of the night.

    I have an 09 silverado with fog lights, and I have the their HIDs in both my low beams and my fog lights. With both of them I can see everything. It truly lights up the road. Both kits are plug and play with a single ballast to mount. No external igniter, which makes for an easier and cleaner install. Both kits are also the 6000K bulb.
    I have pictures on my profile, have a look.
    good luck on your purchase.
  7. redneckarmyMP

    redneckarmyMP Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    i have the 8000k phillips in mine and it was well worth the money in my opinion
  8. Custom04Chevy

    Custom04Chevy Rockstar 100 Posts

    what is the difference between 6000k and 8000k? is it just the color? I'm looking for something with more of a blue tint. I think that would look better on my truck.
  9. redneckarmyMP

    redneckarmyMP Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    the 6000k is supposed to be a little brighter but i havent really noticed too much of a difference between the 2.the 8000k has some blue tint to them but not a whole lot so thats why i like them the most
    heres a link that may help you
  10. DIGS16

    DIGS16 Rockstar 100 Posts

    the 8000K are the best, they have enough hint of blue and still bright enough to light up the road

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