HID's are messing up

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by dlg804, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. dlg804

    dlg804 New Member

    my HID's will sometimes flicker on and off. they almost look like strobe lights when they do it. does anyone know what is wrong or why they are doing this.
  2. lsutoms

    lsutoms Rockstar 100 Posts

    do they just flicker once?? or do they constntly do it when it starts?? mine kind of flicker and dim for a quick second and brighten back up again every time i turn them on... i havent timed to see exactly how long it is after i start it up but it happens every time...
  3. dlg804

    dlg804 New Member

    they keep doing it. they have only done it like three times, but when they start blinking they don't stop for like ten minutes unless i turn them off of auto.
  4. dsrtne1

    dsrtne1 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Two things:
    first, get a relay. Your factory harnesses cannot handle the load of the hid's when they are warming up. The lack of a relay will usually cause flickering.
    Second, if you have a nnbs disable your DRLs. On the nnbs trucks the drls use the headlights but at about half power. This will starve your hid ballasts and cause them to eventually stop working.
  5. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    what everyone else here said is correct. also, depending on your particular HID's, sometimes the automatic lights can really cause problems. on mine, i have had the HID's in for just over a year, and the auto lights turn them on with the key on, right before starting. When they lose power during starting, it is not very good for them. It seems that some HID's handle this better than others - on mine, sometimes only one or neither will come back on after starting unless I allow them to warm up before starting (which doesnt work with my remote start). Also, because of this happening so often, my HID's will sometimes alternate flashing from one side to the other if I turn the key to on without starting the truck. I am planning to wire in a switch to override them when I have time, as the 99-02 NBS trucks didnt have a way to turn them off in the dark (in canada, anyways....).

    So your problem could be a result of any or all of the things mentioned by myself or others.
  6. betts687

    betts687 Member

    dsrtne1, you said get a relay.. how do you wire that up to prevent this from happening?
  7. CS-10 86

    CS-10 86 Member

  8. 4.8chevysilverado07

    4.8chevysilverado07 Rockstar 100 Posts

    DO they do it when the lights on auto
  9. dsrtne1

    dsrtne1 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Relays are not hard, wire it to the battery(red to red, black to black, very simple). Then you plug your ballasts into the relay and plug one of your factory harnesses into the relay so it knows when to draw power.
    As for the auto headlights, most disable them. But I don't want to mess with the wiring so I just push the turn signal lever forward so only the highs are on. That way it will only flash your highs when you start the truck.
  10. dlg804

    dlg804 New Member

    i had a lot of trouble trying to run my relay. also it is only when they are on auto. thanks for all ya'lls help. i am going to try and run my relay again.

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