High beam rod problem

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  1. Manta22

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    I've searched here (and other places on the Interweb) with no luck. I have a problem with the rod connecting the high beam switch to the turnsignal/multifunction stalk. The rod ends about 1" below the stalk. The end of the rod does not appear to be broken off. I can activate the high beams by moving the rod by hand, so the high beam switch still works. I couldn't tell if a piece was broken off the t/s switch assembly or not as I do not know what a new one looks like.

    Vehicle details:
    1994 K2500 Chevrolet Suburban
    Cheyenne model
    Tilt wheel
    Cruise Control on stalk
    Delay wipers

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    Here's a couple of pictures of the LEVER,Turn Signal & Headlamp Dimmer Switch & Cruise Control Actuator & Windshield Wiper & Windshield Washer.....for a 1994" K2500 Chevrolet Suburban....Hopefully the pictures will be able to help you out???.....



  3. Manta22

    Manta22 Member

    Unfortunately, the pics don't help.

    I've found exploded parts diagrams of the steering column, but they don't show how/where the high beam rod attaches at the top end. I think it hooks to the wiper switch, which is what the lever snaps in to, but I haven't found a good image and the local parts stores don't have one on hand to look at. I don't want to spend $100 on a new switch just to see if mine is missing a part.
  4. cntinuum

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    Have the same or similar problem. I am replacing the turn signal switch because it will not "click" into position signaling a right turn. I pulled off the top "can" so I could fish the wiring down the column sleeve. I am now having trouble figuring out how the column lock and the high beam rod go back into the "can" at the top of the column. Need a diagram of the bottom side of the can that holds the turn signal switch and ignition switch assemblies. My rig is a 1992 GMC C2500.
  5. Manta22

    Manta22 Member

    I got some pictures...
    DSCN0183[1].jpg DSCN0182[1].jpg
    The first is from the underside of the column and the second is a lower side view. You can see the rod coming up and curving along the column. I suspect id needs to go up under the t/s lever assembly as there is a partial hook above the pivot (1st pic, half visible approx. center of pic). I need to see if the actual switch is properly mounted somewhere at the bottom of the column.
  6. cntinuum

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    Yours looks to be a tilt column. As it turns out, I have a non tilt column and the rod just comes straight up the column. The TS lever has a finger on it that depresses the rod to turn the dimmer switch on and off. The real PITA was getting the "rack and pinion" of the ignition switch back together correctly. I forgot I posted in your thread and started a new one. See my pictures in http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php/136844-Reassembly-of-top-of-Steering-Column

    If yours works the same, under the turn signal switch assembly, you should see the end of the rod and the finger that depresses it over the rod. On mine, it was one formed piece that the turn signal Turn Signal, wiper control "post" is jammed into. Getting to the point of seeing if this is the issue requires the disassembly top of the steering column. I used an ice pick and screw driver to remove the snap ring that holds the guts in place under the steering wheel. Just 3 screws hold the turn signal switch to the column. Once off, you can see if the rod for the dimmer is visible and that the finger is over it to depress the rod. Should be quite apparent what the issue is, I would think. It is just a simple mechanical connection. Good luck.
  7. #1Pops

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    Ok I have the issue! took mine all apart I find the rod, the finger on the turn signal switch. But there's about an inch between the finger and the rod. is there a piece missing. Can't find a great illustration can you help?

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