High Beams and Fog Lamps

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    So my truck, 91 Silverado....was wired so that both Lo and High beams burn when you are on high (from factory, Lo's would shut off).
    The Fog Lamps that were installed, were setup so they burn constantly.....
    Well here in VA. this is a no-no.
    You can only have 4 Lamps burning, so if the Highs come on, then the Fog Lamps have to turn off.

    How do I rewire this thing so it will shut off the Fog Lamps when Highs are on?
    I was thinking if I could wire the Fog Lamps to the old Lo beam circuit then that would correct the problem...so when Highs are turned on, the Lo Beam circuit would cut off......
    Would this work and how do I do it?

    Another thing of note.
    Since they rig'd this to run both lamps, there is a dual relay system setup.
    So one relay powers the Hi and Lo beams, then this relay feeds constant power to the relay that the Fog Lamps hang off of.
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    Ok, got the issue corrected.
    Took the truck down to a vehicle wiring shop and the guy re-ran the wires to the relays.

    So switched the Lo-beams and the fog lamps around.

    Should be all good for inspection now. (I hate stupid laws like these).

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