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high idle and idles up and holley throttlebody502-9

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 2010 GMC SLT, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. 2010 GMC SLT

    2010 GMC SLT New Member

    I have a 1992 chevy 1500 4x4 350ci .I've replaced all sensors and intake gasket and installed a new holley throttlebody502-9 and I can't get this thing to idle right at all plugs and distributor .and wires .the thing has a sticky throttle plate and just won't stay idle right so up and down that I m starting to believe it the timing chain ..I've heard about these bigger o rings for throttle body will this help seems to have a drip after I turn off..please help I've throw enough parts at this thing many I bought a new gmc 2500 4x4 slt because of it ..but still need my plow truck for this winter
  2. BurbanMan

    BurbanMan Member 1 Year 500 Posts

    If the throttle plate is sticky, that would be the first thing i would address as its a good possibility that its the culprit. take the thottle shaft out and take some emory cloth to it. You might check your timing as well. TPS is another suspect. New does not always mean good. Get out your multi meter and start some diagnostic prcedures.
  3. 2010 GMC SLT

    2010 GMC SLT New Member

    Thanks .for the input ..I'll try those things first..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks .for the input ..I'll try those things you think it could b a timing chain..214000 miles and never replaced..
  4. BurbanMan

    BurbanMan Member 1 Year 500 Posts

    Possible. If you have a timing light, disconnect the timing wire found by the relay center in the engine bay (brown with black stripe) and shine the light. That will tell you if you have a timing issue

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