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  1. racerx

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    hi all

    i have a 96 suburban 4x4 5.7li. i wonder if this is all related.
    first of, the battery went dead after front passenger visor vanity mirror lights were left on. so i had the battery recharged.

    reconnected battery and it seems that the battery is defective because it shows 13.5 volts but drops to almost 7 when trying to crank. Needless to say the starter sputters and the door ajar tone sounds weird. couldn't believe it was the battery so tried several times to crank.

    got another battery and she fires up but idles at 2000 rpm even when warm already.

    before the battery died she was running perfect. could trying to start her with a weak battery (with repeated removal from the terminals) over and over again damage something? i don't have a scanner but am willing to get one but it could take about a month to arrive in the philippines. many thanks
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Could you have broken or loosened a vaccuum line when replacing the battery?
  3. racerx

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    thanks for the response silveradotrailblazer
    i thought of that and checked all the hoses and they all look okay. is it possible that some solenoid or something got busted because of too low a voltage coursing through the system? or the repeated current on and off when connecting and reconnecting the battery?

    am thinking of biting the bullet and bringing it to the dealership but will shifting it at 2000 rpm damage anything?

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