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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by TechAnalyst, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. TechAnalyst

    TechAnalyst New Member

    Sounds weird, but when I hit the 90 - 110 KMs on the highway, I get this deep humming, there no lack of power for acceleration, there was vibration but thats gone now with a replaced tire rod. Only has the sound when giving it the gas, no I had my UJoints looked at, mechanic says they are dry, but solid.

    Ideas experiences?
  2. Z28Johnny

    Z28Johnny Rockstar

    I'd be interested to know too. I have the same issue on my Bronco. Is yours lifted? I'm thinking maybe a driveline.. I don't know though.
  3. grandparon

    grandparon Member

    What kind of tires are you running? Aggressive tires are noisy, so it may be them. Grease the u-joints! It only makes the sound on acceleration? Replace the air filter and check all of the air intake system for tightness.
  4. TechAnalyst

    TechAnalyst New Member

    No lift, 265 70R17 Good Year Silent Armor 10ply Class E Pro Grades

    All new rotors, all new pads, all new shocks, new tire rod took vibration at high speed out, new mc

    I was thinking ujoints but the mechanics said they were solid and tight, i think its ujoints as well, also at high speed it sounds like something right under the truck is trying harder, but no lack of power, no slipping notta

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    When I say trying harder it sounds like something is loose, i just cant explain it

    Only other thing I have going on is the rear left wheel squeaks even when not accelerating

    Jesus, this trust sat in a heated garage for a year with no use, when i parked it it didnt have any of these issues lol
  5. TechAnalyst

    TechAnalyst New Member

    Replaced both ujoints with heavy duty ujoints and sound is gone

    Theres another low pitched wine but its from a broken wind deflector

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