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    Suburban Revolution

    I like it. History will record it as the.......
    Suburban Revolution![​IMG]

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    Ha HA! Who's with me?!
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    I joined the GM site on Facebook and posted about the 4.5 Duramax diesel. 20-25% greater fuel mileage for big rigs and possibly the Suburban, I think it would be a hit.

    But they've put the 4.5 Duramax on the shelf. I get, it kind of, as the ramp up cost of production, but still. They spent money to engineer this great motor, and now won't sell it?
  4. bsharles

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    Old International

    Back in the early 70's I had a international travelall [suv] it was old and rusted ,dont remember the year it was ,I lived up in gary indiana and it was the only thing on the block that would start in the dead cold of winter..everyone use to say ''why are you driving that old junker'' until winter came and their fancy new cars wouldn't start and they needed a jump..it was rusted out and had a flathead 6 in it but was one go anywhere anytime truck..can't remember what happened to it,, been to many years
  5. moosetags

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    Suburban Historical Researsh

    I am a long time Suburban fan and was doing some research, and came across some interesting information.

    The Chevrolet Suburban is the longest-lived automobile nameplate ever produced. There has been a Suburban produced every year since its introduction in 1935. This includes the World War II years as it was classified as a commercial vehicle at that time. There were Suburban produced in 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945.

    The 2010 model year is the 76th consecutive year that the Chevrolet Suburban has been produced.
  6. kdr358

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    I Pull a Crown Victoria Demolition derby car about 55 miles each way every friday night in the summer with my 89 suburban. I would love to see a jetta or small "compact" suv lugging my 4,000 pound ex- police car that distance.
  7. boduke5051

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    Jello? Shouldn't it be Soylent Green? lol.

    Just my personal opinion here, I never wanted a Suburban, thought it was a giant gas hog, & what the heck would I ever do with one of these things??? bought an '88 4x4 back in Feb after my S-10 4x4 Blazer got totalled in a 6 car pile up on the way to work out of desperation. had a good price tag on it for the shape it was in. Absolutely, Positively, Without a DOUBT the best purchase I've ever made! I'd now swear by these things! 22 yrs old, 113k on it when I bought it, took me round trip from Tulsa to south central Idaho to see & meet some family that I hadn't seen in almost 30 yrs, stopping through central Utah on the way back. Been driving it through the first winter storm since I've owned it, & only the 2nd recorded bilzzard in NE Oklahoma history, (some news stations are saying 3rd), it hasn't even THOUGHT about getting stuck.

    This thing hauls the kids & the groceries, will just about pull a house off the foundation in 4 low, does it in comfort & style, easy & affordable to work on. Gas mileage really isn't as bad as I thought. I drive about 20 miles each way across Tulsa (I live on the SW corner, & work on the NE corner) through some pretty heavy traffic (made even worse by the insane amount of construction going on in town right now). I can usually get by on about $30 to $40 a week in fuel depending on the pump prices on payday. only 2 gripes are very small ones. can be a bit rough to park in tight spaces, & I wish the window frames on the barn doors were a bit narrower.

    10 months of owning this thing, it boils down to this. They'll take my un-eco friendly Suburban away the same way they take my guns: from my cold dead hands! I'll keep scrounging parts for this thing as long as there are some to be scrounged. If I have my way, & the poor thing doesn't get sideswiped by a Semi or something crazy, I've bought my last vehicle. & I'm only 31. If this thing DOES die, I can guarantee I'll be looking for another one just like it.
  8. Kraziken

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    I couldn't agree more, and I'm on my third Suburban. I also thought they were huge gas hogs, but I keep it as a third vehicle, and admittedly, during the weekends sometimes I drive because I like it. Overall I still don't put very many miles on it. I can't imagine living without one now.
  9. Powershift

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    Lets hope for another 25 years of the truck to make it a full 100. Not matter what the design - they always look good - anyone have experience with this 2000 Suburban?
  10. Tom.Horsley

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    Ever since i started driving in 2006 ive always had a suburban. My first car was a 95 burban. I drove that thing till both running boards fell off, the breaks were totally gone, and frame rusted out. Lucky for me my dad wanted to replace his 97 burban with a 2006. I still drive my 97, and i have every intention of drivin it till completely falls apart. Im hoping to through some 4x4 tires on it, and trying some OHV driving. Ive heard this is another area in which the burban excels. Im from MA so im very familiar with government restrictions on the public, but if this, or any other administration tries to remove these trucks from the road, ill be packin up my family, and my guns and getting outa here. That would be a sad sad day for this country, but i pray that that day will never come. now-a-days you can never be sure. My name is Tom Horsley, and i will always drive a burban.

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