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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by LBAR1, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. LBAR1

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    Looking to get a trailer hitch installed on my 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 LD and some of the local guys have said the hitch needs to be bolted to the truck frame and rear bumper but I've seen my buddies truck with the hitch just bolted to the frame.

    Does anyone have a U-Haul sold trailer hitch installed on their truck and is it bolted to the rear bunper, I think the same hitch is good up to 2011 but not 100% sure.

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    I don't know what year and model vehicle your friend has??....

    Starting in 1999" to present day,
    the Chevy/G.M Trucks, if they have the "Factory Tow Package".....the Trailer Hitches are bolted to the Fame and Bumper at the Factory........on the aftermarket Trailer Hitches, some just bolt-up to the Fame, and not Rear Bumper, and some Bolt-up to both Fame-n-Bumper.
    Number #3 in this Diagram, is where the bolt's mount to the bumper, on the Factory Hitches.


    Link.....Trailer Hitches,

    http://www.etrailer.com/hitch-2008_Chevrolet_Silverado.htm?style=1500 Series

    Edit......Though I would post-up the other items that come with RPO Code "Z82"....the Factory Tow Package,
    .....Trailering Equipment HD Includes Trailer Hitch Platform. 7 Wire Harness, K47 high Capacity Air Cleaner, (KNP) Cooling External Transmission Cooler,

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    ^^^ So in your opinion is it important for me to bolt the hitch to the bumper or will it be ok to bolt it to the frame only, reason why I ask is cuz my rear bumper is bent down a little so the bumper holes will not line up with the hitch.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Creative use of a jack and a 2x4 of reasonable length may be able to remedy that bumper hole alignment issue?
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    Its not my opinion, I was just expressing to you, that there are 2-different styles of Trailer Hitches "Mounting Points" I would mentioned that when buying a Trailer Hitch for your truck, keep in mind that there are different Classes of Trailer Hitches.....below are the different Classes of Trailer Hitches, the link that I've posted above are the different Classes of Trailer Hitches Hitches that are for truck.

    ****Each Class of Trailer Hitch listed below has a.....Tow Capacity: Max" Weight"
    Tongue Rating and Max Towing "Weight" Rating.

    • Class I
    • Class II
    • Class III
    • Class V
    • Class IV

    ****Also.......next to installing a Trailer Hitch......the Most Important Item to have when Towing is a.....Transmission Cooler, as I mentioned above regarding the Items that come with the Factory Tow Package.....IMO the One Item that is the Most Important Item on that List,.....is the Transmission Cooler, this is A "Must Have Item When Towing"

    The reason I've mentioned the different Classes of Trailer Hitches and the Transmission Cooler.....is I'm guessing your Truck does not have the Factory Tow Package??.....
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  6. ChevyFan

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    What is the truck going to be towing? Are we talking a small utility trailer from time to time, or frequent and heavy towing over long distances?
  7. tbplus10

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    Like mike pointed out hitchs come in different mounting point configurations. My 2011 has a factory hitch and towing prep package (z82) but its only bolted to the frame. My neighbors 2011 with Z82 package has the hitch mounted to the bumper.
    Ás a long time truck owner I personnally prefer the hitch mounted as far forward towards the rear axle as I can get it this helps the truck hsndle loads better when more of the weight is closer to the axle. Ive even dad hitchs on a few trucks reworked to get better towing results. If you have a choice look for a hitch that bolts only to the frame. If you dont have a choice then you will need to use the bumper mount points and surreal gave you s good tip on how to make it work. Start by mounting everything loosely and tightening it into place.
  8. LBAR1

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    Thanks guys, very much appreciated.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The only thing I'm concerned about is if the hitch has the holes to mount to the rear bumper and I don't use them will the hitch still be safe to use bolted to the truck frame only.
  9. LBAR1

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    All is good now, thanks for all the help guys.
  10. SurrealOne

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    And what did you do, exactly?

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