Hitch from U-Haul?

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by LBAR1, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Well the hitch from U-Haul arrived by FedEx and their hitch only bolts to the frame using 6 bolts including two existing bolts which hold the rear bumper brackets, there are some hitch models out there that bolt to the frame of the truck and rear bumper.

    Lucky for me mine isn't like that and I don't have to replace the bumper to install the hitch.

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    Easy as pie!
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    One thing to think about, but this is apples to oranges; the bolts through the bumper act as an additional lever point to add to the carrying capacity of the hitch...on the 2nd gen Dodge truck, guys would tear the hitch side plates and distort the ends of the frame from carrying excessively heavy loads. Dodge's answer was two support brackets that tied the very end of the frame to the hitch, which is essentially what the bumper bolts do for the GM.

    However, if the UHaul hitch was not meant to be tied to the bumper, and still provides the correct capacity for your needs; it should be just fine.

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