For Sale Holley Spread Bore Carb Model 4175 List 195-0-8700 used

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    For Sale: Holley Spread Bore Carb Model 4175 List 195-0-8700

    $75 +shipping
    Newark, Texas 76071

    4 barrel spread bore carburetor
    Designed as a replacement for the original Rochester Quadrajet carburetor
    Emission Design Street Performance
    Vacuum secondary, single accelerator pump on primary side only.
    Recommended on applications where low end torque is desirable.
    650 CFM
    Secondary metering plate

    Application is listed by Holley as:
    1969 Chevy Truck with 396 C.I.D. V8
    ...but will easily be usable on many other vehicles.

    Used. Sold as a rebuildable core.
    Ran fine on my 1982 Chevy C10 truck with a 305.
    No damage noted. No stripped threads. No obvious external aluminum corrosion issues.
    Carb has been in boxed storage for 20+ years.

    Contact for questions: (817) 403-3680.

    MVC-209F.jpg MVC-210F.jpg MVC-211F.jpg MVC-212F.jpg MVC-213F.jpg MVC-214F.jpg MVC-215F.jpg MVC-216F.jpg MVC-217F.jpg MVC-218F.jpg
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    SOLD for $50 on eBay.

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