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Discussion in 'North America - Southwest USA' started by tlperry68, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. tlperry68

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    This morning at 4:45 my wife and I woke up to the sound of our front screen door being opened followed by some one messing around with the lock. I ran to the hallway towards the front door (right next to my 2 year old sons room). I think the guy heard me sling shot a 40 cal round into the pipe of a Smith & Wesson auto and then I yelled at him to get back. To his luck he complied and vacated forthwith. I have no clue who he was, or what he wanted - he may have been at the wrong house by mistake, maybe not. I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I am prepared to defend my family before the police can get here. Oddly enough I set the gun on my countertop right next to my NRA membership card that just came in the mail. :fighting0098:
  2. poncho08

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    holly $!*# frecky. i just got my restricted and non-restricted card just the other day as whale fill so much better now!
  3. tlperry68

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    There is a nice sense of security with having a fire arm even if it is only a sense.
  4. tbplus10

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    Unfortunately your in Ca. and the whiney liberals there would've strung you up by your testicles for shooting some poor thief trying to support his drug addicted welfare dependent family.
    Just one more reason I didnt go back to Ca. to retire, God BLess Texas where a man can still shoot a thief on his property and not have to justify himself.
  5. dwill3015

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    That's crazy! I'm glad everything worked out, and everyone is safe.
  6. tlperry68

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    Under the use of deadly force laws in this state if you can prove that you believed there was threat of danger to yoursef or family you are justified in shooting someone. I don't recommend it because there is always someone who thinks guns should be outlawed completely and that person has been voted into office. I don't need to soot someone I think the sound of a locked and loaded gun speaks as loud as the gun can shoot anyways.
    Luckily everything went OK and I didn't pepper my front door, I just repainted it last month.
  7. vncj96

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    I do have a gun but my 120lbs. rottweiller can talk alot louder then me, as some poor fool found out when he tried to get in a window this last fall. then the cop almost lost a arm when he tried to reach acroos my wife to get to the window to take a look at it!! Good to hear everone is ok though.
  8. tbplus10

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    I'm aware of the Deadly force law in Ca. 3 years ago my older brother that lives near Sacramento (he's the type that never had a speeding ticket let alone commit any other crimes) was sentenced to 5 yrs probation with a permanent Felony record and $35K worth of legal bills for wounding an armed robber while he and the robber were inside my brothers house.
    He was convicted of firing a weapon inside the city limits and firing a weapon into an occupied dwelling, he was found not guilty of causing grevious bodily harm to a person and attempted murder.
    The robber was given a 2 yr felony sentence for armed invasion and burglary of an occupied dwelling.
    The DA took the stance that my brother should've let the robber take what he wanted and then leave afterwards and my brother could call the police, they felt there was no need for my brother to arm himself and take the law into his own hands.
    The robber also tried to sue my brother for "injuries sustained during the robbery" in Civil court but lost the case.
    Yes I know all I want to about Ca. Deadly force laws.
    Like I said here in Texas we can drop'em on the lawn and let the buzzards deal with'em.
  9. tlperry68

    tlperry68 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Very true, thats the line between proving a real and true threat against you or your family. Luckily I live in orange county, the only remaining conservative county in southern, CA that recently cleared a homeowner in a similiar situation like your brothers. I am saddened to hear about his situation. The DA is obviuosly an anti gun person who puhes his beliefs on victims in the courts.
  10. ippielb

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    Here in Canada, if someone hurts themselves on your property, ie someone snowmobiling on your land(i live on a farm) and they hit a rock, and wreck their sled, and break their leg, they can sue you. And possibly get compensation. EVEN if you have "No Trespassing" signs on each corner. And gun's are out of the question.And on an off note, got my firearms safety in April last year, and they said the maximum it would take was 30 days. But, yeah, stupid people eh?

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