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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by Als09Sierra, May 19, 2012.

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    I am married with 3 kids in the house. I was raised in a family that were avid hunters, NRA members, and hunters ed safety instructors. I have countless hours of experience even before I joined the military. I have no issues with loaded weapons in my home with my children. This is mainly because I am raising them how I was raised when it comes to firearms. My kids started with BB guns at the age of 4 and moved up to a .22 rifle by the age of 5-6. My oldest is now 10 (he now prefers to shoot either his 410 or my 1911 with the .22 conversion barrel on it) and my youngest is 4. All 3 of my kids know and refuse to touch any firearm without being told to pick it up. I have tested this theory. At one point I have tested all 3 of my kids as follows; I would lay a firearm in the middle of the floor, hiding myself and watching from the balcony in the house had 1 of them walk through the room, once they see it they will immediatly stand over the firearm (ensuring not to stand in from of the muzzle) and yell for either myself or my wife.

    I firmly believe in educating our youth about firearm safety. The most dangerous thing about any firearm is when someone without any experience is holding it.

    To answer the initial question, I have a 1911 on my side of the bed and my wife has a XD .40 on her side. Just a few feet is my closet where the heavy fire power is if needed.

    And remember, if you carry or just have something for home defense, you must be ready and willing to fire that weapon if the threat is there.
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    as the saying goes, better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

    as far as security goes, the more secure it is, the harder it is to get to when you need it. my advice is to get a quick access system of some sort, usually a key pad or some sort of quick combination lock. not sure what is out there for long guns, these kind of safes are usually more for handguns. its a issue I will have to address fairly soon, as my handgun is out within easy reach, should i need it.

    we have had some.... issues if you will on post.

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    [MENTION=26397]chevybulldog6[/MENTION] is spot-on: education is the key to a safe household with firearms in it. Everyone in the home should know how to safely handle, operate, field strip, clean, and re-assemble the firearms in the home. Teach the children as early as possible. (BB guns are a wise tool to use in teaching the kids.) If you teach the kids well from the start ... you'll remove the curiosity about firearms.
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    And remember, if you want to teach/educate your children about firearms but don't feel comfortable enough or just don't have the proper training yourself, there are many sources and safety classes out there.

    I'm not saying I'm right or wrong but to me teaching firearm safety is just like having "The Talk" with your children when they reach the right age. Knowledge is Power

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    I have various weapons in the house. I have a Mossberg 500 and 2 Glocks within quick easy reach if I need them. When my kids showed interest in guns, I sat down with them and explained how dangerous they are and how they operate. Then we went to the range. And a Sheriffs uniform gives anyone 2nd thoughts
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    Got a 12ga. loaded with 3 1/2" steel shot as the backup to my 9mm Glock with Speer Gold Dot hollow points. Soon to come is a Glock .45cal.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I'm definitely interested in getting familiar and learning about anything a shotgun or pistol. I also plan to introduce my family as appropriate. I don't know that my wife and daughter will want to go to the range, but I want them to know the basics. I may also have someone come to the house for instruction. I also want to keep them safe which is why I'm looking for an under the bed or closet case/safe that I can access easily and keep protected from unwanted attention. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.
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    I think thats pretty cool
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    Someone tried to break into my neighbors house a few months ago so I've been worried ever since then. I even live in a gated neighborhood so we think it's somebody around us. I used to have ADT security but hated there customer support so I switched to a new company called Vivint, hands down the best security system ever. They are even partnered with OnStar for there emergency response and they say they have the fastest response times! They have cameras, motion sensors, door sensors, automated door locks, and even a new thermostat. I can control everything from my phone and even computer. I can watch the live feeds from the video camera even when I'm not home, lock/unlock my front door for someone, set/turn off the alarm on the go, and even check if any sensors have been set off. The thermostat allows me to change the temp in the go as well.

    I also have a gun safe in my closet and another smaller but good size safe located in the house that everyone can reach (centralized) that has emergency kits (clothes, gun, money, phone numbers, and extra set of keys to every vehicle)
    You can never be to prepared especially when it comes to family!
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    I will check out Vivint. My wife is pushing for an alarm, but ADT is pricey. We also talked about having an escape plan and safe room. I like your idea of having backup clothes, keys and etc on a safe. Great idea. What kind of safe do you have in your closet?

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