Hooking up some after market lights! Help!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Chad513, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Chad513

    Chad513 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I hooked up 8 LED blue lights in my grill. I wish I would of took some pics while i was doing it so i could of put a how to up but i forgot, but now i need some help on how to hook those lights up to my low beams( so they turn on when my lights are on) and my turn signals (so they flash when i put my blinker on). can some one please help me. I have a 2007 chevy silverado classic. here is a pic
  2. stephan

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    Hey Chad, this wouldn't be too difficult if you were going to dedicate 2 lights (per side) to turn signals & 2 to the headlights, but that doesn't appear to be your plan, as you already have them all hooked to the H.L.s... If you want to hook all 4 per side to the T.S as well, you will have to use one way diodes in your power supply wires so the power doesn't back feed, otherwise your H.L.s will blink or at least dim somewhat when you use your T.S.s, & the T.S. will also come on whenever you turn on your headlights because there will be a bridge between the two systems where they are both hooked at the power wire on your blue auxilliaries. Two per side dedicated to each system would be your easiest route.
    Also I don't know what your state laws are, but here only the 2 outside lights that are closest to each turn signal would be legal (and maybe not, depending on the discretion of the cop) because the center lights are too far removed from the T.S.s & would confuse drivers as to which way you're actually turning .

    **BTW I think they look good as they are. If you want a couple extras for the turn signals per side, how hard would it be to mount a couple closer to each turn signal & leave those 8 as they are?
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  3. POPO

    POPO New Member

    Not trying to be a prick just wondering what AZ law is on displaying a blue light from a motor vehicle. In Oklahoma, you can not display any blue light forward or rear facing while the vehicle is moving. We also can not display a forward facing red light from a moving vehicle. I've stopped alot of bikes with Blue LED's and red LED's and also vehicles with Blue "under glow lighting" that is in use while the vehicle is moving. Sucks here because its a 211.50 fine.

    GL man
  4. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    LOOK OUT!!!! It's the POPO!!! J/k.... He's right.. Most states will not allow Blue lights. I had some under my hood to light up the scoops. Looked great for about 1 month then I was pulled over. Thank god they let me cut the wires...Big ticket... So I put white in there for now but I will be putting a 3 way switch in to go between the blue and white......
  5. Chad513

    Chad513 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm pretty sure that the law in AZ is that you cant have red and blue together but you can have them separately, not to sure. they really aren't that bright when I'm driving so hopefully i should be fine.
  6. FrigginNoodles

    FrigginNoodles Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    I think they look great. I wonder how difficult it would be to have them flash in sequence when you put your signal on (Start in the middle and light up towards the side you are turning to).
  7. mfleetwood

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    They look great and like a lot of fun, but it does not sound like your are 100% positive about the law in AZ. In CO., we have had numerous people stopped over the years thinking it was an unmarked cop car but turns out it was someone who was a wanna be pulling over women/girls. The laws has stiffened up pretty good around here because of those incidences and they even recommend you calling 911 and double check with the local authorities if you think it might not be a cop pulling you over. I'd double check AZ laws just in case....and if they have been updated or changed as to where you are now in violation, you can save all of that fine money and use it for your next mod:glasses:
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  8. Chad513

    Chad513 Rockstar 100 Posts

    That would be super sick! I didn't even think of that. You would need some kind of relay that would tell the lights to turn off and on when when click your blinker. It wouldnt be that hard. You would need to wire the relay up to the turn signal wires and then run the relay to the lights

    I haven't been pulled over yet and i have passed a lot of cops. Im pretty sure its ok because it is not flashing. I think the rule is that it can not be mixed with red and it can not be flashing. Im not to sure though. The cops in my town are pretty leniant. Some kid got caught with an actual undercover light bar and got off with a month of unsupervised probation.
  9. Chad513

    Chad513 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well I got pulled over last night and fortunetely didn't get a ticket. The sheriff told me that I can only have white and amber lights coming off the front of the vehicle. I looked up the law and it says that I can only have amber light coming off the front of the vehicle. Im not gonna take them out though, I got pulled over way out from town and the sheriff said that she thought i was a rip off vehicle. A vehicle that acts as a cop and pulls over drug runners and steals the drugs.
  10. mfleetwood

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    Wow....glad he let you go. Too funny we were just talking about it.

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