Horn still honks with my new Viper alarm system

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by ffmedic1638, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. ffmedic1638

    ffmedic1638 New Member

    I recently had a Viper 5701 alarm system installed in my 2009 GMC Sierra truck. Afterwards, I noticed that even when I try to arm the system silently, the truck horn still honks once. The installing dealer basically said there is nothing he can do as far as making the Viper system silence the truck horn. Frankly, I think this is BS since I paid for a GM Interface module that I would have thought would have taken care of all related systems. My Viper system still flashes the lights, turns on (and off) the dome light and does just about everything else that the old key fob did as far as locking and unlocking the truck. I might add that I am aware that on my old key fob that pushing the lock button only once did just lock the doors without the horn honk. If I wanted the horn to honk, I had to press and hold button down until the horn honked.

    I may have stumbled on the solution however. Between reading my manual, talking to the service manager at a GM dealership, and reading on this forum I learned about the DIC switch (that wasn't present on my vehicle, like most are not). I have ordered the switch and should have it in just another day or so. Through the DIC, I am supposed to be able to "program" the door lock configuration and turn the horn off.

    BTW...apparently these cannot be accessed using the TECH-2 service computer. The service manager tried, but admitted that he had no experience doing this with the TECH-2. He did take a look and said that he could not access the correct module.

    I am just posting this here to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing when installing an after-market alarm system, whether it was a Viper system or some other brand.
  2. GMTucson

    GMTucson New Member

    The guy that installed your alarm can program your alarm to use the horn only on full alarm. That is one way to do it. They use what is called a Bitwriter and plug it into a port on the alarm to program it.
  3. sstoner911

    sstoner911 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My horn has honked randomly when disarming... not sure what triggers it it when it does...It hasnt done it in a long time however. But now that i have replied to this thread its sure to do it all the time now!

    When the horn did honk the alarm siren did nothing.. I havent tried it with it arming silenced however.

    BTW...I have a Python system which is made by Viper or vise versa I believe.
  4. Charles Garnes

    Charles Garnes New Member

    Absolute correct. The bitwriter could have programmed it to work only in full alarm. Do it all the time. Hope you get your problem taken care of. It's hard to sneak in late at night when your horn keeps making all that noise!
  5. ffmedic1638

    ffmedic1638 New Member

    I would have thought that he would know that. He has been installing Viper systems for 17 years, so he says. However, he told me when I described the symptom, that it was something that I would have to do via the trucks' electronics. I have now installed the DIC switch and was able to solve the problem by simply changing the setting on my remote door lock set-up to "lights only". The default setting was lights and horn. And, there is only on way to change those settings (with the DIC switch). I even went to the local GMC dealer and the service manager wasn't sure how to do it, although he did offer to connect his TECH-2 computer and take a look. He was not able to see what I can now see with the newly installed switch. I plan to go by both places and show them what I was able to learn from all of you here in this forum!

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