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  1. uposb4

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    Hello, I have an 05 Silverado and im getting only hot air from the drivers side vents with the lever set on cool, With a/c on and off. The passenger side vents work as they should whichever way i have the temp. control set. This has happened twice before and i would turn the truck off for a minute and this would seem to solve the problem but im not sure if this actually has anything to do with whats wrong. This does not change anything now. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. unplugged

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    Welcome. GMTC is the place to be to share and learn about your truck.
    I've never worked on a dual zone ac before. Normally I'd say to check the blend door actuator and the ac relays, but I'm not sure in your case. Someone who has had the same issue will chime in with an answer.
  3. iterrones

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    Climate control unit

    Hi there, I used to drive a 2004 Chevy Silverado that had exactly the same problem, except on mine it was the passenger side that was blowing hot air, I used to shut the truck off and it would start working fine again but eventually it quit working. Took it to the dealer it turns out it was the "climate control unit" I think that is the correct name for it, its about 3" X 3" and its located under the dash somewhere, the part it self was about $140 or so, if youre mechanically inclined this is something you could do yourself, just buy the part and install, you can still do what youre doing as far as shuting the truck off, but eventually it will quit working. Good Luck!:happy:
  4. uposb4

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    Thanks for the replies. Couple of questions, My unit does not have the rear defogger button and the units i found on ebay do. Will this be a problem? Whats involved in removing and replacing? ...or should i just let the dealer deal with it? Thanks.
  5. iterrones

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    Hi there, I'm sorry I put the wrong name for the part that you need for your problem, the actual name is "Driver Side Vent Door Actuator" just look it up online by the make and model of your vehicle and you"ll see a picture of it, this is the part the dealer replaced on my p/up and took care of the problem. The vent door actuator is the electric motor that moves the door in your heating and air conditioning system to direct the air out of the different vents. These parts wear out over time because they are used so often. They are usually located down in the foot well of the vehicle or under the dash. This part will mount the same way and all the electrical connections will be the same. Good Luck!:great:
  6. uposb4

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    I did a massive amount of research on this problem and it seems its a huge common problem with these vehicles. All controls work like they should. Blower blows great and selector sends air to where ever i switch it to so i narrowed it to the door actuator. I can't understand why there is not a recall on these. I called several of the Chevy dealer service centers and they all are telling me the same thing you are. I was told its one of two drivers side door actuators. One that is an hour job and another that is a three hour job. $270.ish and $470.ish including labor with 12 month/12000 mile warranty. I don't want to get ripped and i'm not real handy with doing these things, Is this a fair deal? I want it repaired by a shop that is familiar with this particular problem.Thanks.
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    Your going to pay a whole lot anytime you go to the dealer so that price (if the part is about 150) sounds about right for an hour of labor (probably around 100/hour) and then tax.
  8. uposb4

    uposb4 New Member

    Just got back from the dealer and that's what it was, The vent door actuator. $442.60. Thanks for the help guys.

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