How can I wire in 2 subwoofers and my amp?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Crispyt, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Crispyt

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    I was given two 300 watt subs. I haven't wired in any subs before. I also have a 1300 watt amp as well that I need to get setup as well. How would I go about wiring this system up. I already have an aftermarket kenwood radio in my truck. It's a kenwood model, KDC-252U. I took the radio out of the dash today to take a look at the back of the radio. The only plugs I saw for a sub was something that said subwoofer input and it there were two RCA plugs one was red and the other one was white and one seemed to be left and right. Other than that I dont know what i'll need. I belive ill need power wires and other RCA cables. The amp I have is also used but works. The vehicle that it's going in is a 1995 chevy truck.

    Thanks for your time and help all!
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Make and model of the Subs and Amp Please....
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    As far as what you will need if you don't want to spend a lot of money you can get amp kits from stores like best buy and wal-mart that will have all that you need to wire up the amp and subs. I'm guessing that the subs are in a box. f they are you need to know if they are single or dual voice coil. It makes a difference in wiring them up to the amp. just remember to disconnect the battery before wiring anything to the radio. So coming out of the back of the radio should be a blue and white wire that should be labeled remote turn on. That will run to the amp so that when the radio is off the amp turns off. Next the amp will need a constant 12 volts from the battery, make sure that you use a inline fuse coming off the battery and a good ground, the shorter the better and don't forget to plug in the RCA cables to the sub plugs on the back of the radio. Now when it comes to the next part you need to know how many channels the amp has and if the subs are single or dual voice coil.
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    Pretty simple, However I like to be able to turn my boom on and off so my wiring may be a little different then most. First, run your wire from your battery to your amp as amp wattage increases, the gage wire should decrease. Ex. my 600w RF amp had 8ga. running to it, but my 3000w Hifonics each had 0ga wire running to it. usually, for your application 8ga should be fine. Now that your amp has power, route your ground cable to the chassis. I like to keep this <3ft long. You're going to want to route your RCA cables on the opposite side of the vehicle as your power wire to avoid interference.

    Now heres where my setup differs (more kid friendly so you don't hurt their ears) I take some speaker wires run 1 from the positive input of your amp (with power wire) and one to the remote (signal) wire of your amp, and wire it to a switch on the dash. this is your boom switch.

    My advice to you is to make your sub box a royal pain in the A** to take out or else someone will break into your vehicle in the middle of the night, take your 2 15" subs your 2 3000W Hifonics amp, and your extra car battery like someone did to me. Don't "Advertise" near your place of residence or employment. only makes you a target for thieves.

    Step by Step for you

    Step 1: Run power wire to Amp
    Step 2: Hook Ground wire to Chassis / Amp
    Step 3: Run RCA's on opposite side of the vehicle as power wire
    Step 4: Hook Speaker wires L and R speakers into amp both positive and neg
    Step 5: Hook up a Switch between the Power wire on the amp and the Remote(Signal) wire on the amp
    Step 6: Check your connections, turn the switch on, and bump away!!!
  5. The Heater

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    That truck has a 100 amp alternator. Not exactly what you want with multiple subwoofers and more than one amp powering your system.

    You need to wire the subs for 4 ohms to make sure the amp does not draw too much current from the battery, at least without knowing the make and model of the sub amp I would strongly recommend this. Even if this is a Class D amplifier, depending on the board design it can consume a lot of power from the battery at 2 ohms with two subs, even with just one.

    Before you try to do this, I suggest you upgrade your grounding to the rear of the cab, and for the battery to the chassis, as well as the charge cable running from the alternator to the plus terminal on the battery. If you simply ground the amplifier to the floor metal, you need to understand that the sheet metal of the cab is just a big resistor.

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