How do I remove fuse box to get at EBCM?

Discussion in 'Chevy Crossover Forum' started by wroger5, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Hello Folks,

    I have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 but its built on the Equinox design and the pontiac torrent as I understand it. I am trying to troubleshoot my left rear brake line. I was trying to replace the brake fluid, so I used the turkey baster to suck all of the fluid out of the reservoir, do you think that has cause the left rear line to not bleed? Have I got locked up air somewhere in the MC or PV/EBCM?

    All other lines bleed well from the calipers except the left rear. After a day of sitting it produced a little fluid but went immediately dry after. Fluid is full.

    I am working (trouble shooting) my way back to the EBCM where the left rear line comes in (with the others) so I can check to be sure the line is not clogged by shooting some air throught the stainless steel line first and then some brake cleaning fluid and let sit a couple hours and then blow it out again. I thought i would attach a white babies sock with a rubberband to hold it on the end to catch any gunk, etc that may come through. Trying to determine why that 1 line is dry!

    So right now I am trying to get at the line connector where it comes into the EBCM (the porportioning valve/junction), but i need to remove the fuse box that sits directly over it. I see the 2 frame arm brackets that it sits on and it looks like there is only 1 screw, but the head of that screw is inside of the fuse boxe because i can see the threads sticking thru the underside by using a mirrow. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Could my lack of fluid on the left rear be the Proportioning valve (the junction where all of the brake lines converge onto the EBCM) ? But I thought that a bad Proportioning valve would effect either both back or both front, not just an individual line amongst the 4.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Its cold outside.


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