how do i tell what suspension on 04 tahoe z71

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    trying to buy some shocks and looking at them online their asking for different susp pkgs . I don't have air ride. I think it came with off road/tow pkg . are there any codes in vin or glove box that can tell me which pkg?
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    look at the codes in glove box

    Conventional: there are numerous RPO codes for different types of conventional suspensions, the most well known being Z71 and Z66
    Premium Smooth Ride: indicated by the RPO code ZW7.
    Autoride: indicated by the RPO code Z55

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    After rereading your post I see that you said that it is Z71. There you go! It has the Z71 suspension package. Almost any truck shock will do. I suggest spending the extra $5 over monro or gabriel and ordering bilsteins from For my 05 yukon xl they are $72 each
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