How do you get tar off your truck?

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by ChevyFan, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. silverhobey

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    Maguiars or Mother's make a cleaner with the clay bar even on paint spalshed on a car
    great for over-spray of undercoating ( don't ask )and for raod-tar....good luck Steve.
  2. The Heater

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    3M makes a professional product (you can buy from 3M online or from your local auto body supplier) that comes in a gallon container (like what antifreeze comes in) that is water based and is a grease remover specifically for paint. Will not harm the paint.

    WD-40 is a solvent based lubricant, and while it does dissolve tar (because they are both non-polar molecular structure), it is not compatible with paint finishes.

    The citrus based home cleaners in a spray bottle would work, but you need to rinse immediately. They can, if left on a painted surface, remove some paint coatings. 409 is good too, but same issue, make sure you rinse it off immediately.

    Auto parts stores sell a water based spray bug and tar remover that is very safe to use. But it does not work as well as the solvent based sprays.

    I try to remove the heavy stuff with 3M grease cleaner, then use a clay bar to remove the hard stuff.
  3. FrigginNoodles

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    Man, that roofing caulk is evil stuff. I'm actually pretty surprised that you were able to remove it. It's hard enough to get it off your hands, not to mention a truck that had it sitting on the paint for a couple weeks.

    I usually just us the Bug and Tar Remover from Autozone. Good luck with your ride Steve!
  4. Dana W

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    Truck shmuck!! That was my '07 Mustang GT that happened to.:gasp:
  5. donyms

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    I have never had allot of tar on my truck but I often get some on it from road work as Steve described. I use a little Dawn and water and it gets it off pretty easy but it does remove your wax so you will need to re wax but the guy that painted my truck said it won't hurt the paint. Also, the guy that painted my truck said to never use WD-40 because it will remove clearcoat. He said he doesn't even keep WD-40 at his body shop because of what it will do to the paint.

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