How do you keep your truck clean?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by ChevyFan, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    I'm guilty, I haven't hand washed a vehicle in years. I go to the drive-through car wash and let the machine do the work.

    However, I still like to put a coat of wax on it every month in the spring and summer.

    What does everyone else do?
  2. 95CTburb19

    95CTburb19 New Member

    well usually my vehicles are caked with mud so the car wash guys just laugh at me and tell me to go somewhere else. On occasion i will hand wash it, it just comes out better that way.
  3. Cableguy

    Cableguy New Member

    I'm a hand washer. I use my pressure washer and attachments at home. I have not been to a car wash in years. I just waxed mine a couple of weeks ago. :great:
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I hand wash once a month and run them through the auto wash about twice a month.
  5. GM_Guy

    GM_Guy New Member

    mine gets cleaned every time it rains :)
    it's free :)
  6. 89suburban350

    89suburban350 New Member

    i use some stuff called meguires elite car wash concentrate... really good stuff for whenever you need a good shine and then i use meguires hot shine tire shine and then hot wheels wheel cleaner...then i clean the pipes with some brillo pads to keep em shiny... Ill wax it at the beginning of the month... i wash my burb about 3 times a month..
  7. Davandy

    Davandy Moderator

    I'm a hand washer too, I never go to the carwash.
    The Savana will get stuck in there. :rofl:
  8. BINGO53

    BINGO53 New Member

    I definitely prefer to hand wash. I used to enjoy it as a Saturday ritual, but no longer have the physical stamina to do it as I like it done. I try to avoid the automatic car wash, because over time they do wear away at your finish. I prefer Meguire's products. Since the advent of good clear coat paint systems, I have not been much for waxing. What are the rest of you using for wax on your clear coat enamels? I usually go to the "quarter wash" as needed, and then as I am able do a good hand wash, complete with Q-Tips in the door jambs.

    The new Nox is the first black vehicle I have owned. I have trouble w/water spots when drying it at home. The spot free rinse at "quarter wash" is great, but the garden hose water evidently has minerals. Does anyone know of a good rinse product?

    BINGO53 :great:
  9. Flatman

    Flatman New Member

    Hand wash every weekend unless it's raining (which has been killing me lately). I can't stand getting a crappy wash at a drive-thru and I don't trust those guys anyway!!!
  10. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    Ha! would take me a week to go over how I keep my vehicle clean if I were to go into real detail( no pun intended ). I am a detail fanatic and my truck is seldom dirty.

    Pretty much...

    Hand wash daily weather permitting( touch free car wash 2 X's p/week during winter when I can't do it myself ).

    Cleaner Wax, Polish( sometimes the colored variety to help with any scratches ), Premium Wax( Carnuba ) once p/ month once temps hit 50 degrees. Light weight quality wax every other week as a touch up also weather permitting. Once temps drop below 50 I will run it through the touch free car wash 1 p/week until I can no longer wash it myself and then it is covered by the 2X's p/week mentioned above.

    Vacuumed almost daily year round barring wet weather that day. Windows washed 2-3 X's p/week. Dash and door panels treated 1 p/week & dusted daily( TIP - Pledge "Grab-It" untreated dusting cloths work GREAT to remove dust and such from your interior trim/dash :great: ).

    Literally my vehicles look as good as the day they were brand new, if not better, even 3-4 years down the road when I sell them. Now, this is not to say my truck is NEVER dirty. Things happen and I am not always able to clean it as I like. Duck season is especially hard as not only am I in and out covered with mud and dirt but so is the dog plus it is winter time so we have a double dose of dirt. Some of the job sites can be really messy as well.

    Pretty much though my truck is kept spotless and sparkling. Can't stand a dirty vehicle.

    I pretty much only use Meguiar's products as well. When possible I use their Gold Class line. Nothing better out there so readily available IMO.
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  11. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member

    I'm with Jeff on this one.

    The Avalanche gets a bath regularly, but the burb....not so much:lol:
  12. Slick6

    Slick6 New Member


    :rolleyes: even tho im a die hard off roader im also a detail freak! lol i no how weird is that? i love gettin my sliverado dirty as hell then the second i get back on the road im havin seizures cuz people are looking n its not clean(which is prolly y theyre lookin in the first place!lol)! But i hand wash mine at least once a week usually tthursday cuz i like to cruise on friday so gotta b lookin good 4 the ladies!:tongue: lol. but first i take it and pressure wash the whole thing at a local wash station then i drive back to the house and hand wash it top to bottom twice, tires, wheels, door jams, wheel wells, any crack or crevice really. then i use s speacial detail compound from turtle wax then use turtle wax ICE to wax the whole truck and after all of that is dun i armorall the tires and completly clean the entire inside carpet floor mats windows everything then armorall all of that lol then it usually stays clean 4 3 or 4 days till i put it in the dirt again and all of this repeats itself lol! im gunna die doin it one day lol!
  13. DeputyDave

    DeputyDave New Member

  14. G.M.C. SLT

    G.M.C. SLT New Member

    Wow, thats impressive if you get sick of cleaning yours u cancome clean mine. Just Kidding,. I wash mine at home by hand everyother weekend and use a California car duster on it allmost every day.
    Anybody have any suggestions on keeping Leather clean and soft?
  15. terry0341

    terry0341 New Member

    How do you find the time?

    :neutral: NHsilverado, I love to wash my truck, since I got the new Burb I have been washing it about every three days. But, how do you find the time? I use the same products that you are using, have not found any better.
  16. Paul M

    Paul M New Member

    I am in the Phoenix area. I keep the truck clean and garage it. When polishing a relatively good finish, I use Meguiar's New Car Glaze #5 or #7. I t will become squeaky clean. The cloth will squeak. Then follwo soon after with Mequiar's wax. The wax has been harder for me to find. I is Mirror glaze #26. It lasts the logest under the sun. If someone knows of something that lasts longer, I am all ears.
  17. Dj Friction

    Dj Friction New Member

    Well, clean is a relevant subject...... I have a 2 mile driveway that is gravel......Eastern Washington Columbia basin.........Dry , Dusty!!!

    Wash the trucks about twice a month........but they don't last but one drive out......

    I'll get picks next wash!!!!!
  18. dwill3015

    dwill3015 New Member

    I wash my truck once every week or so (depending on weather) and keep one of these handy jewels in my console for a dusting the interior every few days.

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