How do you take a door off?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Thundare, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Thundare

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    Hey dudes i want to take the doors off of my truck but i cant quite figure it out. can someone help?

    1995 Chevy Silverado extended cab fully loaded lol
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    My exwife takes them off by leaving it open while backing up next to a light pole:grrrrrr:
  3. Thundare

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  4. Cableguy

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    I take it the door pins are worn out?

    You need professional help here, Thundare...LOL. You not only need to replace the pins, but the bushings, also. It takes a special spring compressor to re- install the check spring, and the door must be completely removed from the truck. This requires a helper, and a floor jack. Basically, you pound the pins out, a real treat without an air hammer and/or a pin removal tool. Roll the door away from the truck, as far as the wire harness will allow. Then, drive the old bushings out. Be sure you don't reinstall them up side down. They have to be pounded back in, and they are easily broken. They are made of bronze. Then, tape up the edge of the door, so it doesn't' get torn up during the reinstallation process. Roll the door up to the truck, on the jack, with the aid of your helper. Carefully guide it into position, and install the bottom pin first, top side down. This pin is the easiest to install, because you can actually see the holes line up, within reason. pound it in until the shoulder on the pin is flush. Now, install the top pin bottom side up. It will be more tricky. Once pins are in, install the round retaining clip on both pins, otherwise they will eventually back out. Using a door spring compressor, reinstall the spring. Don't even think about trying this without a compressor. Thats about it! Will take you 2 hours, a lot of swearing, and about 25 bucks for a compressor. Or, go to a body shop. I personally like option number 2 LOL

    Spring removal tool

    They actually make an aftermarket roller pin now....Cool
  5. Springthing

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    I just did this myself about a month ago... it was NOT a good day!
  6. Breadfan

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    I helped my folks do this a few years back on a '95 Suburban. I didn't have a small spring compressor, and use a few hefty cable ties around the 2nd coil on each side - effectively compressing the inner part of the spring but not having anything on the outer ends. It gave me enough room to reinstall it, close the door enough to compress a tad and ensure it's properly seated, and cut the cable ties thereby releasing the spring.

    Could work but be VERY VERY VERY careful this is a pretty heavy spring and under tension it could become a very dangerous projectile - both while compressed (if the ties were to break that's why I used three or 4) and also while in the vice)! Consider warned and as a result proper tools are often recommended. :gasp: Even with a good compressor you should always be very careful of big springs under tension.
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