How far for a Dealership Courtsey Shuttle?

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    Not a tech question but I didn't see a more appropriate area. Mods move this if necessary.

    Anyway I recently purchased a new 2010 GMC Savana from Michael Hohl in Carson City NV (I live in Reno about 25-30 miles away a 25 minute to half hour drive on 395. When picking up the vehicle on 3/18 I noticed a small scratch about a 1/4 long by 1/8 inch wide on the cargo door that goes down to metal. After driving home I noticed that it is also a small ding door dent type of indentation visible from several feet away when the sun hits it. I also noticed another imperfection in the paint right above the wheel well which also appears as a door ding but may be a paint imperfection. And another problem the sliding cargo door is hitting and rubbing against the wheel well and causing a wear mark into the clear coat/paint. They agreed to correct these problems with out issue. I dropped off the vehicle this past monday for these issues to be corrected and the dealersip didn't want to shuttle me home. My warranty includes courtsey transportation. The dealership advertises for business in reno and was happy to have my business and GM includes courtsey transportation under warranty for new 2010's. I did get a ride home after essentially pleading for a ride (I didn't want to spend $75+ for a cab),.... they got a detailer kid to drive me in a vehicle that was on the lot. They said they won't provide shuttle service from carson to reno (about a 25 minute drive) for me in the future and that this was an exception and that that distance is too far. Now obviously there is a limit to how far a dealership should provide shuttle service but I feel I am within an acceptable range.

    I am curious as to your thoughts on these facts.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I agree with you on the distance. I live 30 miles from town and only have one vehicle so "shuttle" doesn't do much if it is limited on mileage.
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    IMO if they aren't willing to honor what is in the warranty then you should receive some sort of compensation. Instead of a shuttle here, we get a rental during warranty work, a couple years ago my truck was going to be at the dealer for 4 days, and it is my only vehicle, they didn't have a rental available because their sales people drive them around as personal vehicles.

    They wanted me to pay $25 a day to get a rental from a local rental shop because that is the insurance cost for people under the age of 25. Needless to say I got into an argument about it, because why should I pay the cost of my vehicle and for a rental when it is in the warranty claim that a rental is supposed to be available. Eventually due to me yelling about the poor service in the middle of the dealership they offered to pay the $25 rental fee.
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    First off I'll be totally upfront I'm a prick, if you advertise something and forget to put disclaimers or spell out limitations I'm the guy that push's it to the limit and insists on service as advertised.
    Sometimes it works in my favor, others it gets me thrown out of the store.

    If your gonna advertise courtesy shuttle service or any other perks you need to be explicit about exactly whats covered, if you arent then dont try to weasle out when someone expects you to live up to your advertisement and its more than your expecting to do.

    Shuttle service is being used as a gimmick to entice the customer into buying the product so the customer should be informed of exactly what their getting. I have no sympathy for people that are trying to be vague agout things and get caught at it.

    I had similiar dealings with a dealership in VA., after they pissed me off the first time I made a point of going back to them and making them live up to thier advertisement even though they made a deal with a closer dealership to waive any service co-pays. If they hadnt been such pricks the first time I would've probably started using the closer dealer on my own.
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    You won't believe what has happened.
    I called GM earlier in the day and a customer service woman is looking into the courtesy transportation issue and will call me in the morning regarding that. She said for warranty work I am entitled to an Enterprise rent a car and or courtesy transportation. She couldn't reach the service manager.
    Shortly after speaking with her the dealership called and said the vehicle was done and I could come pick it up. They didn't ask or offer any courtesy transportation shuttle. I didn't even ask.
    I asked my neighbor if I could get a lift but he just had outpatient surgery yesterday and couldn't help. I called a cab company and they said it would be around $98. My friend Deanna got called into work. BUT I called RTC the reno city bus service and they do have a bus that runs from reno to carson city @4:05. So I had to wheel about 6 blocks to the downtown reno bus terminal in my wheelchair in snow flurries and I got a bus ride to carson and was dropped off at the carson nugget casino where I was able to get a cab the rest of the way to the dealership. Total cost $15.
    I got the van and quickly looked at it as it was snow flurries and windy and cold and around 6:00 closing time. The two areas with the prior dents and door dings and scratches on the cargo door and rear fender looked ok. THEN I GOT HOME and actually looked at the vehicle. I quickly noticed There are paint bubbles all over the side of the cargo door. Maybe a dozen. There are now little paint splashes on the passenger door which was once perfect. And little tiny indentations in the paint. Like if you had wet paint and poked a pen tip into it to make a little hole. There are swirl marks all over. The mileage was roughly increased by 60 miles. I brought it in around 500 miles and it had 563 when I picked it up. So they likely took it to an auto body shop in reno (Earl Scheib or Maaco?) They told me it was sent to an auto body shop but never mentioned where and which one. I asked the service guy what they had done and he said they fixed the dings and painted the van and put a new clear coat on and he said it was like new from the factory. They put a plastic rivet into the cargo door trim panel so it doesn't rub against the wheel fender. There was a In and Out burger soda cup in the cup holder and there were feet marks all over the passenger side dash. The vehicle has grease spots in places on the paint. My friend deanna looked at it and quickly noticed all the paint bubbles and grease spots and paint imperfections. Tomorrow I am going to try and take it to an autobody shop so they can look at the paint and tell me what has happened and what is need to fix all this. The vehicle is worse than before. I will see what the autobody shop has to say and then speak with GM customer service.

    I am sick of all this. Yesterday I had to go to the doctor for swelling in my leg and black and blue from what I don't know and I had an x-ray and ultra sound but they didn't find any fractures or blod clots and after having to run around and wheel myself 6 blocks to the bus depot in the wind and snow flurries and then several blocks in carson my leg is swollen like a ballon. I am quite frustrated by all this especially the horrible paint work and paint bubbles and My brand new van looks like crap.
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    The courtesy transportation is part of the GM warranty not something the dealer is offering in addition on their own. The GM new car warranty for 2010 also includes Enterprise car rental if your vehicle is kept overnight for warranty repairs. The dealership just doesn't want to honor the GM warranty.
    I have had this vehicle for 2 weeks......picked it up on the 18th. I had hand controls put in the next day the 19th and brought it back this last monday the 29th.
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    Wow see that is the same service that i actually got at dealerships in MN, and Ga.. they didnt seem to want to do the work, and then would give me a hard time when i needed a ride or a car since my wife worked at the other side of town, and at 9am when i started at 5...
    I had to throw a fit at both dealers just to get any service..
    I love GM, but ive said this before, that you wont sell me another GM that is newer than 2000, or has a warranty. I dont want to go to a GM dealer for anything..

    I know you are all GM lovers like myself.. And no offense to anyone who might read this..
    I am sorry 1flyfisher that you were treated so poorly.. Seems like that stealership wouldnt get my business in the future....

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