How good is the 5.3L V8 for towing ???

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by carbon black, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. thegawd

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    my old landlord has a 2004 silverado with the 5.3. hes a farmer and pulled all kinds of crap with it. i watched him pull a horse trailer out of a frozen puddle, smoking the tires right off it pretty much. ya he abused that truck quite a bit. one day while turning at an intersection pulling a tractor on a trailer his axle broke and came right out! luckily he had the tractor, he lifted the truck up, slid the axle back in then pulled the truck n trailer back quite a ways with the tractor. man when he pulled into his laneway turning left the right axle came out about a foot! craziest thing I ever seen.

    yup id agree to stay under the 80% max towing weight, I think thats a great rule!
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    Huh. Must have been a 1500? Wonder what the rest of that third member looked like after toasting the c-clips. The 2500 and 3500 should have floating axles, I think.

    Rereading now I'm not sure. Broken axle so maybe the c-clips held if it was the same side both times.

    Crap can get real heavy sometimes. :)

  3. thegawd

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    ya what a mess, it was a 1500 rwd. im not sure exactly what happened inside but an entire new rear end was installed. he was definitely way over weight. he was pulling a Massey Ferguson 390 4x4 with a loader and a chopper on the back. the tractor alone weighs 7266 Lbs according to, plus the loader, chopper and trailer. yup waaaay over weight!
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    Get a 2500 6.0 or the duramax both great work horses. I personally have a 2013 2500hd that does great on interstate. But I don't like the 6 speed for the mountains. And I live in them lol but other than that it's an amazing truck. GM for the win!
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    Don't forget the 8.1 will get it done! ;)

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