how hard is it to do this swap ?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by rabbitCTSV, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. rabbitCTSV

    rabbitCTSV New Member

    hello all, Im one of the biggest chevy fans in the world. I love the 1988-1998 chevy style trucks and SUV's.

    a few months back I picked up a 1992 SWB 2wd. I pulled it all the way down and got all new parts, replaced everything to make it look like a tahoe limited , new front clip, mirrors , tail lights, everything but fender flares, ( cant find them )

    I also had a 1999 cadi escalde that i have owned for 5 years. I loved it but needed a truck, so i sold it to get my 92. the guy i sold it to got hit from the side and insurance totaled it. I was able to get it back from them for $1500, I put 2000 into it last year so i know parts alone are worth the 1500.

    my question is because i know how great the escalade ran and how good it was taken care of , I was thinking about swaping out everything from the escalade to my truck, seats, dash, door panels, center console , head liner, over head console , everything,

    also wanted to do the engine , computer , harness, trans, rear end, .A/C , EVERYTHING,

    1. how hard would this be? and major issues besides time and time.

    2. has anyone done something like this to another truck?

    i was thinking that if i pulled everything in the 1992 silverado out, and then pulled the escalade next to it and took everything out and started with the harness , then engine, then dash , inner doors, it could go easy, taking pics along the way and lots of notes.

    what do yall think, it would be a great truck after that, not that my 305 is not good but its not near as efficient and has none of the towing power.
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    EASY! ive done the swaps to make a 1988 into a 1994 (harness etc) everything will lay right in. the only think that will not swap over, and you can simply recover is the headliner. You will be able to put everything else in. You will have to cut the carpet for the std cab etc. But yes litterally time, and what i would like to do as well!
  3. rabbitCTSV

    rabbitCTSV New Member

    ok so its just a thing of time, very good, how long you think it would take 2 good guys? a weekend? a week? i want to do it, and im motivated to get it done. any things i need to look out for?
  4. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    2 guys, well the drivetrain swap will be a weekend. I did forget to ask was the escalade a 2wd or 4wd??? The reason i ask is if it is a 4wd it will not swap right over onto a 2wd platform. If it is a 2wd then you will be good to go, and yeah a couple of weekends total. Just be very careful with the harness pulling it out, and the rear AC/Heat stuff will have to be separated from the harness which it should have a block that it can be done from. You will need to swap over the fuel pump as well since the Vortec takes a much higher fuel pressure that the TBI motor just doesnt have. But really just take your time, and be sure to have paitence and it will be pretty straight forward.
  5. rabbitCTSV

    rabbitCTSV New Member

    all escalades are 4wd. im not going to use any of the 4x4 stuff like the axles and transfer case or trans, Ill be using my trans off my 305 I think its a 4L60
    im going to install the headliner and trim to fit, same with the carpet, the halo trim in my truck will be the only thing needing painting it looks like. I might need to have the back of my seats from my escalade trimmed back to help it give some leg room.

    do you see any problems using a 4x4 harness and not hooking up any of the 4x4 , Can i have any of the 4x4 codes tuned out?
  6. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    The tranny in a 92 is not a 4L60E it is a 700R4. your best option for the drivetrain portion would to be to get a harness and 4L60E tranny from a 2wd truck/burb, as well as the PCM for the 96-98 2wd truck. That will make things work properly, and the votec motor run well. It may cost a bit extra but it will pay for itself in drivability. The interior harness is separate from the powertrain harness so when you get the powertrain harness for a 2wd it will mate right up with the interior harness and all of the options will work as desired.
    **note** i thought all escalades were 4wd but you know there are odd balls out there etc.
  7. da88

    da88 New Member

    i pretty much did this to my 88, i got ahold of a 95 tahoe and bought the doors,panels,dash, pretty much everything from the 2 seats up for 300 bucks of some really old guy and came up on a 97 vortec and did a whole swap the i reason it came down to me doing all this was that the dash i had was all cracked etc and my 350 would barely move its not hard at all the way you are doing it

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