how hard is replacing rocker panels 2001 silverado

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    both rocker panels on my 2001 silverado 1500 have rust-through, and need replacement. i know that replacement panels are pretty cheap, but need to be welded in, which I do not do. what other options are there (no bondo, please, they are totally hosed). I think i saw slip on vinyl panels somewhere, but cannot remember. with those, you cut out the damaged area, used POR 15 or similar on all remaining metal, and slipped the new panels over the lips of the old.

    anyway, advice appreciated.

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    I am in a similar situation with my 01 HD 2500. I think I'm going to rivet mine on. I want to use 3/16" stainless riets, every 3 inches along the flat section of the doorjamb, below the sill. I will also undercoat the inside of them, as well as the inside of the area the old ones have been removed. Seam sealer where the panels overlap, then undercoat the outside of the rockers as well. I think that will be a strong, long lasting repair on the cheap. Then I'm thinking of a spray can camo paintjob!!!

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    The (not so) funny thing is, the only areas under the cab that are starting to rust are areas I could not access to undercoat!! One of my cab corners is starting also!

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