How many miles are a concern?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by blackburb, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. blackburb

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    Looking at upgrading from my 94 Burb to a 2000-2003. Pretty much anything in my price range will have high miles. Taking the general condition into account, how many miles is something to worry about? Do these still have the same tranny issues if towing heavy loads? My 94 is in excellent shape, rust free, relatively low miles for it's age (157k), and has a freshly rebuilt tranny with cooler. I pull a 6000-6500lb travel trailer. I don't want to end up having regrets just because I was looking for a better ride or more modern looks.
  2. kennyb79

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    thats a tough call, its all about how its been driven and black suburban has 207,000..bought it with 132,000 and never had anything done to engine and tranny. replaced other wearable things but it never needed anything major. just bought another 03 yukon xl for $6500. 112,000 on it. same guy owned it and maintained it for the last 8 years...I'm in the process of replacing brake lines, and I'm hoping I have good luck with the rest of it.
  3. bazar01

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    2001 with 170k miles and I use it to pull 6x12 enclosed and loaded trailer before I got the silverado last year. Replaced tranny fluid at 140k, fuel pump and regulator at 150k, alternator refresh at 150k, fan clutch and water pump at 160k, ABS module repair last weekend. Other than that, no work on engine and tranny. Really depends on how it was maintained by previous owner.
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Just look around And get a Carfax Have it checked out and you should be fine..
  5. Pikey

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    I bought a 2003 yukon xl two summers ago with 120,000 on it. I had to replace the pinion bearing in the rear diff and have the front diff rebuilt. The alternator and battery, new shocks all the way around, new brakes all the way around and a water pump at 135,000. Of course just after I got everything perfect, I totaled that truck and bought a 2005 yukon xl with 132,000 on it last summer. I bought an extended warranty. They have replaced, the hydro brake booster, the steering gear box, the front differential, and last week the transfer case. I guess that it is just luck of the draw. Both checked out ok on a carfax report and the 2005 showed all regularly scheduled maintenance at a GM dealer. (including diff and t case fluid changes) My rear end guy said that he sees a lot of GM trucks come in at just over 100,000 miles with bad front diff bearings.
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  6. unsub

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    5.3 is a great engine, I'm fairly certain it is the only engine in those years you are looking in. Just the basic maintenance but especially the tranny oil drain and pan/filter replacement. You should be able to find a 2000-2003 1500 2x2 or 4x4 with around 100k for 7000-9000 in good to great shape. Look for one or two owner burbs that have a lot of highway miles. Carfax it.

    Burbs are one of the highest rated autos of all time for reliability and repairs, Yukons are not far behind. If you buy a used Burb from a goof who ran it into the ground you will get a Burb that will need a lot of work. Buy from someone who took care of it. With a 4x4 preferably someone who didn't use it a lot and/or knew how and when to use it. Some jackarses use 4x4 on dry roads. used autos are all about the previous owners.

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