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Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by tbplus10, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. tbplus10

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    The idea has merit but theres other things they need to check under the hood too.
    The real issue is the little jerk-offs just need to start doing the job theyre paid to do, not only are they paid to deliver medical equipment but also to maintain the trucks and if they cant do the job correctly they can go find less taxing employment elsewhere.
    If they were being paid minimum wage it'd be a different story, I dont have a guy in the shop that makes less than $21 an hour with full benefits, we hire at $18 with full benefits no experience or degree required, theyre just lazy, but like I said let 1 of them leave that truck without oil again and he'll be a lesson for all of them.
    Making this truck last until 500K has become a challenge of mine and I'm determined to succeed.
  2. phoebeisis

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    Murdog-thanks for the tip. I'm relatively new to GM, but I should be able to tell a TB from more advanced FI. Just took a look at my 98 vortec Suburban-looks just like that.Amazing how you can look but not see, if you aren't specifically looking for something.

    Speaking of which-TBplus10 shamed me into checking the oil when I popped the hood. It is at the 1st hole(maybe 2/3 qt down from fully filled). When I chenge the oil I try to get it to the 2nd hole-about 1/2 qt less than fully filled. I figure I get very slightly better mpg if I don't run the oil level topped up.

    Of course TBplus10's employees don't give a darn about MPG, so they have no excuse to not run it topped up. In fact they now have plenty of incentive(getting fired) to keep it topped up.
    $18/hr plus benefits is about $2500/mo take home-they should be really happy to have those jobs. Nowadays most college grads can't find a job, and the jobs they get don't pay $2500/mo take home.

    What oil do you use?? I use Mobil 1 10w30 now-I did use the 5w30, but Louisiana is hot. Your latitude/long must mean you are near DFW. NOLA is 30/90 you are a little more N and a bit more W.

  3. tbplus10

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    Using Mobile 1 10w30 I buy the 1 GL+ jugs by the case for all the trucks.
  4. murdog94

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    Hey TB.. your gonna end up paying for a new Distributor when you bring it in (obviously corporate but still you said you didnt have a clue how it broke).. the bolt lobe breaking off is a dead give away that the Dist bushings are shot, and turning out of round causing the rotor to slap the cap, and break it exactly as you are describing.
    And shoot i wish i made what your employees did. When i was driving the wrecker it averaged $10an hour with a long haul tow paying up to $20 however those were rare. And the old beast needed a half gallon of oil a day. And We couldnt get the boss to take care of the other maintenance that needed to be done that was above our level..
    Still think its funny how they want 500K out of a truck... I wanna know what is different about those motors from the ones in our trucks since most of us consider 300K about the end of the line for our motors.
  5. phoebeisis

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    Mobil 1 10w30-so I made a good choice. Doesn't hurt the mpg by any amount I can measure. I buy a 5 qt WalMart stuff-$23 per-change it maybe every 5000-7000 miles.

    500,000 miles is plenty-I also wonder how they decided on 500,000 miles ?? Guess if the body is still good-and in TX the bodies last just fine- it is worth $4000-$5000 to replace a motor. Cheaper than paying $25000-$30,000 (or whatever it costs) for a new truck.They-corp headquarters-don't actually hope to get 500,000 per motor, right?

  6. murdog94

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    Hey Charlie you actually asked the question i couldnt seem to put together in my head. About the actually getting 500K out of the engine..
  7. tbplus10

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    Yea I know I'll be buying a distributer, my first thought was also that the bearings were shot so I pulled the distributer and was gonna rebuild it using a couple old ones we had at the shop, what I found was the cases were to different to use and the bearings werent shot, I checked for play and runout and its still tight. Oh and I would replace the distributer by my self, since I already had the old one out anyways but our company doesnt allow us to buy automotive repair parts, their thought process is were there to work on medical equip. not trucks.

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    I dont think they really expect us to reach 500K, remember our company is world wide so we run trucks everywhere, even up in the Yukon territory where they replace their trucks every 2 years due to the conditions, so I think it's a number they put out there and as the trucks need repairs they'll assess mileage against expense and decide if it's cost affective.
    We have a 4 year old Ford van with 37K on it that was put on the auction list last week because they didnt want to pay for repairs to replace the fuel pump, it came from Minnesota last year and while the body has no visible corrosion the undercarriage is rusted through in a few spots and the rest of it is all scale.
  8. phoebeisis

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    4 years in the midwest or north east is plenty.

    In 2003 I bought a 2001 Prizm- off ebay from a chevy dealer in New Jersey-. It had low miles(12,000) was off some sort of lease rental.
    Turned out to be a good, reliable car-
    BUT I was stunned when it arrived. EVERY nut, bolt, and anodized steel or aluminum surface( like the alternator etc) was coated with WHITE GRUNGE.
    The painted surfaces/sheetmetal were just fine-as long as the paint was intact.Whatever nuts/bolts and aluminum is coated/plated with it is no match for road salt!

    500,000 miles is what they-home office-wants you to aim for.Well, might as well aim high!

    murdog94- I will be very happy to get to 235,000 miles- roughly 3 more years-from this motor.It is a winner of a motor-delivers great mpg-doesn't use much oil-no more than a qt per 4000 miles or so.I'll be in better shape $$ wise in about 2 years-so I have my fingers crossed.This Suburban has been about the only bit of good money news we have had in 4 years.

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