How much bigger is the new Silverado?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by dadngt, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I have a 07+ silverado Xcab with the standard bed I was wanting to know if anyone knew how much bigger these trucks are compaired to past generations. I had a 1989 Chevy truck that I put a soft bed cover on, then sold the truck for a 2002 GMC Sierra & put the same cover on it, I t fit rather well only problem was the bowtie stiched into the cover on a GMC lol. But was wonder if that cover could have fit the newest trucks? Would try it out but sold the cover years ago. But older style parts are easier to get at cheaper prices, so would this be an interchangable part? I'm sure the fiberglass hard style covers would not fit because they are formed to the beds. Thanks if anyone has the measurements of these trucks that may help. Also I read before that due to the brakes on the new 07+ Silverado the smallest wheel you can get is 17 in. which who would want to go smaller but is this right? Thanks again.
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    My NNBS bed is somewhere around 8" wider than my father in-law's '98 and I want to say that the '98 and his '03 are just about the same width in the bed. Riding in the cab of his '98 and then in my '08 is a big BIG difference in room.

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    Below are the Specs/Dimensions on Both the ......2002" and 2007" Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab,

    Dimensions For the 2002" NBS Silverado,
    Cargo Area Dimensions,
    Cargo Box Width @ Top, Rear (in) 63.8

    Ext'd Cab Cargo Volume (ft³) - TBD -

    Cargo Box Width @ Floor (in) 64.8

    Cargo Box Length @ Floor (in) 97.6

    Tailgate Width (in) 63.8

    Cargo Volume (ft³) 70.7

    Cargo Box (Area) Height (in) 19.5

    Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in) 50.0

    Here are all of the Specs/Dimensions for the 2002" NBS Silverado,

    Dimensions For the 2007"NNBS Silverado,
    Cargo Area Dimensions,
    Cargo Box (Area) Height (in) 21.0

    Cargo Box Width @ Floor (in) 62.5

    Cargo Box Width @ Top, Rear (in) 61.6

    Ext'd Cab Cargo Volume (ft³) - TBD -

    Cargo Volume (ft³) 75.5

    Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in) 50.6

    Cargo Box Length @ Floor (in) 97.8

    Tailgate Width (in) 61.6

    Here are all of the Specs/Dimensions for the 2007" NNBS Silverado,

    On the.....17in' Rims being the Smallest Rim's you can run....that is Correct.

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    Mike - Can you be a little more precise??????? Down to the cubic ft, eh???? :lol:
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    Awesome guys thanks for the help. I thought the cab was wider because I can bearly reach the wife across the seat compaired to the older trucks, Just thought we have been married to long to sit close lol.
  6. Tampa Tuning

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    I was tuning a 2011 silverado a couple weeks ago, and I was impressed how smooth the truck was, and how well the brakes performed
    The owner added a supercharger and a lift kit and it didnt drive like a truck
  7. Goldie

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    Hey Tampa Tuning...what size was the engine and what kind of supercharger was on the truck you drove?

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